Cash Or Material Reward?

MONEY seems a common reward.  Is there any way one could be creative and imaginative in one’s choice of a reward for a stripper’s awesome stage performance?

Let’s say you know the performer to be the sole bread winner of his family, which is the case of many macho dancers, and the dancer’s dancing skills really impress you, the customer.  You want to reward him for his excellent show, but you decide cash is out of the picture.  Can you offer two sacks of Thai-produced rice?  Will you hand him a card indicating the prize or prizes he expects to receive from you, a satisfied and appreciative patron?: two sacks of Thai-produced rice, one boxful of Mega Sardines, two dozens of Purefoods Corned Beef, two dozens of Argentina Beef Loaf, one boxful of Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton, and two dozens of eggs.

Or, if he has a child who still uses disposable diapers, will you reward him with a month’s supply of disposable diapers?

You wonder how the FMs (floor managers), waiters, bartender and the disk jockey would react to your unconventional method of showing your appreciation of a macho dancer’s dance performance.

How would the macho dancer take it?  Would he be as appreciative as you are?  Would he leave the stage laughing to his heart’s content?  Would he be mad?

How would you know?  You haven’t tried it yet.  Why don’t you give it a shot?  For a change, you know.


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