Don’t Forget His Tip Money

A sissy guest strides into a macho dancing bar on Timog Avenue in Quezon City, escorted by an unusually happy effeminate floor manager who helps him find a seat.  The former decides to sit at one of the coffee tables fronting the small makeshift wooden stage.  The latter joins him as a serious-looking waiter approaches to take the newly arrived customer’s order.  In common with the majority of guests, he asks for San Miguel Beer Light, also the most requested drink of virtually all macho dancers.

It is well-nigh 12 midnight and the bar is gradually filling up.  At the instance of the manager and in his wish to spot an attractive, sexy young dancer to table, the guest requests an all-cast dance show.  At the manager’s signal, the boys, clad in white or black tank top (called sando in the Philippines), skimpy shorts, and knee high-sized boots assemble on stage for their choreographed dance as the diminutive in-house disk jockey prepares to play the standard all-cast-show music.

But even before the dancers can perform, the effeminate customer sees a boyish-looking young dancer with a chiseled body. He wants this macho dancer (MD) with tempting looks so he tells the manager who, in turn, pulls the boy out of the group and takes him to the customer.

The predator, oops, the customer is all smiles as he offers him a seat while extending his warm hand for a handshake.  They exchange pleasantries.  The mama sang cannot contain his laughter as the satisfied customer jests that he has fallen in love with the dancer already.  The young man, who is rejoicing deep inside because he has a guest which means money for himself, appears amused by the funny yet perverted behavior of his customer.  The accomplice, sorry the manager, tells the guest to enjoy his time with the model and to ask for him if he ever needs anything.  Before departing from the scene, he reminds the dancer to take care of his guest – a monotonous reminder floor managers love to repeat.

The model tells his guest he is just going to get something only he knows and excuses himself but not before assuring the guy he won’t be long.  Of course, he is coming back.  He has a guest!  And after about a few minutes, the model is back with a mobile phone in his right hand.

The waiter serves the drinks including those of the tabled young man who is having San Miguel Beer Light too.  As soon as the waiter leaves, the customer moves closer to the dancer, puts his right arm around his waist.  The young man, a few inches taller than his guest, looks uncomfortable in this situation but reluctantly reciprocates the guy’s gestures and places his left arm around his shoulders.  Such show of feigned sweetness is part and parcel of his job.  Oh, the customer feels he is in cloud 9.  He buries his face on the model’s left shoulder as he squeezes the boy’s fat-free thighs.  He seems to be on his way to sexually harassing the model, as he is wont to do.

They drink, smile at each other, make small talks.  The customer, already in his early to mid 40s, tightens his grip of his table-mate, who wants to try to free himself from the hold of the predatory pink-blooded mammal but cannot seem to do so.  He feels awkward finding themselves in this position while his guest is instantly infatuated with the tabled show boy.  At one point, the guest, already overwhelmed with concupiscence, salaciously plants a kiss on the model’s cheek.  Or, is it a stolen kiss?

The waiter also serves fried chicken to go with their beer.  The waiter returns with additional bottles of beer.  The man in heat has downed three bottles of the alcoholic beverage while his sexy tablemate has gulped five bottles of the low-calorie beer.

It is now almost an hour and the boy excuses himself to check with the disk jockey if it is now his turn to dance.  The boy comes back after two minutes.  He tells the forty-something guy he is dancing after the turn of the seventeenth performer.  The guest beams with unusual excitement and lust as his tablemate returns to his seat.  Anew, they toast, chuckling.

As the lights dim for the next dancer to get on stage, the lecherous guest launches yet another assault on the boy.  With the boy’s arm around his shoulders, the salivating guest places his right arm around the latter’s waist only to slowly move his hand towards the model’s crotch.  The crawling fingers instantly jolt the young man prompting him to quickly hold the intruder’s hand to stop it from finally reaching the “gates of heaven”.  Smilingly, he tells the lustful guy not to do it as he finds it rather humiliating, especially so that they are close to the stage and in an area where people pass through when going to the loo.  In a jestingly manner, the intruder protests saying there is nothing salacious about what he is doing and he is not going to grab his dick.  The boy, still maintaining his composure and politeness towards his guest, counters he feels uncomfortable seeing someone touching his crotch, much less his rod, and that while he may be a macho dancer, it does not mean customers can simply touch his private area whenever they want. Flashing a smile but now appearing a little bit embarrassed, the guest explains he simply wants to show some affection to him.

The two resume their drinking session while chatting about life and work.  The waiter shows up again, asking the customer if he wants to order another bottle of beer for his tablemate.  The guest says ‘no’ because he is leaving in a short while. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  In reality, he is devastated by the model’s tough stand.  He never expects that a macho dancer can rebuff him for his sexual advances.

It is an hour and a quarter before 2am and the customer suddenly realizes it is time to go.  He gestures for the waiter to bring the check.  The waiter nods.  He comes back with the check with the same floor manager in tow.  The customers goes over the details, then pulls out some bills enough to cover the damage, and hands them to the waiter, reminding him to keep the change, loose change at that.  The manager, feigning sadness over the fact the customer is leaving earlier than expected, inquires about the sudden departure to which inquiry the guest responds that he still needs to catch some sleep for his 9AM work shift.

Both the manager and dancer walk the guest to the door with the manager thanking and “urging” him to come back the next time when he is free.

He boards one of the cabs parked on the street.  As the vehicle thunders down Tomas Morato Street, the customer, who is in the backseat, flashes a grin and waves at them.  The manager waves back.

He and the model return inside.  The latter tells him he has no tip money.  The former laughs out loud, cursing that after all the sexual advances, the poor dancer gets nothing.  The macho dancer chuckles and curses too, swearing he is going to ignore him the next time he comes to the bar.

He checks with the waiter about his drink orders: a total of eight drinks (five bottles of beer, one bottle of water, and two bottles of Del Monte Fit N Right fruit juice).  80 peso-commission per drink multiplied by 8 drinks and that is 640 pesos in commissions.  And you think this is all his to keep? Think again. There is the floor manager, the waiter, the bar tender and the disk jockey.  Wow! Four mouths to feed in the bar.  His budget is just 250 pesos and the only amount he may probably go home with after his shift.

The pervert should have given him a tip money of say, 500 peso to 1,000 pesos, which means much to the young model.  But the opportunistic forty-something thought the drinks were enough, to think he used the guy to satisfy his sexual desires.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

That predator must be burnt at stake!  It’s just a joke.

If you table a guy, you are obligated to give him a tip money.  And the more you should give him dough, if and only if you attempt to make advances on him.  Tabling a macho dancer or model does not give you, the customer, the right to harass him.  Allowing himself to be hugged as if the guest were his girlfriend or wife, petted, or licked and his wang to be fondled are not part of his job, if in case you do not know.  No matter how you justify your advances and perversion, you cannot get away from the fact that what you are doing to him is absolutely wrong, is putting him in an embarrassing situation, and literally reducing him to a mere sex object that you can play with at your whim.  Surely, there still is an ounce of respect left in you, and it wont cost you a million pesos to show a little respect for the macho dancer.  If the macho dancer were to do all these things to you, how would you feel?  You do not want him to grab your Johnson or mash your tits or flower in full view of other customers, do you?

Macho dancers are not prostitutes.  Even callboys detest the idea of being petted by a stupid client right where he picks him up.

Give A Tip Money But Do It Discreetly

IN any macho dancer bar, you are tempted to reward a dancer, who stages a spectacular show, or your dancer-tablemate with some cash, your way of thanking him for his interestingly superb performance, or for the wonderful time you have with him and for his politeness.  The money you give to him constitutes a gratuity, popularly known as a tip, definitely a favorite subject amongst floor managers and waiters, who depend on it too.

Should you wish to leave some amount with a macho dancer, you must exercise caution and act as smartly as you can.  You WANT him to receive the money and ONLY him.  You must know when to hand it to him  and how to give it to him without you being noticed or seen by the people around you.  It must be carried out discreetly for the benefit of the dancer if you do not want others to have a part of it.

Never mind those customers who flaunt their wealth for people to notice and talk about.  They do not know what they are doing, despite their frequent trips to macho dancer bars.

You ought to know better.

So how do  you do it?

Prepare the tip money when you are in the john and put it separately so that when it is time to go you know where to pull it out.  You do not want to look at the contents of your wallet or purse and count bills in full view of the bar folks.  Remember that there are eyes watching your every move minutes before you leave the bar.  Inside the rest room, you may decide how much to give to the dancer, but make sure you do not let drunkenness gets in the way.

The customer and the tabled dancer are usually seated inches apart.  You can drop your tip money, folded or rolled to the shape of a cigarette stick, into one of his boots.  Do not forget to tell him about this.  Or, secretly place the dough in his hand without even looking at it.  For once, try to be a good actor worthy of an Oscar Award!  It won’t cost you so much.

The smart dancer knows you are giving him something because he can feel a hard material being pushed against the skin.  A simple wink can get the message across.

If your table-mate happens to sit across the table, fret not.  Let your imagination run wild.  Send him an SMS, because you already have his mobile phone number by now.  Never forget to ask for the phone number just for this purpose and send him a message that you are giving him some cash and that he needs to retrieve the dough tucked under the ash tray as discreetly as possible that no one actually notices the transaction.  Learn how to outsmart the enemies.

Learn how to carry out a mission under cover of darkness.  When the lights dim, you have the best chance to hand him your tip money and the folks around you do not even see the silhouette of your hand moving towards the dancer.

There are several ways to leave some cash amount with the macho dancer without being seen doing it.  That is something between you and the dancer.  He will like you and love you for doing it.

Before you forget, remind the dancer of this important advice: You never tell anyone, especially the floor manager, how much tip money you received.  You must be good at making up stories about the dough you get (that it is too small an amount, that the customer is not generous) if someone nags you about it.  A little white lie is not bad at all.  Your guest gave you fifty hundred pesos and you told them that?  You are not being smart!

It does not make sense giving five hundred pesos to the floor manager who got you a guest.  You sweat on the stage, brave sleepiness, are exposed to customer perversion and you want to give away five hundred pesos?  Learn to love your self, okay?

Those customers who readily hang bills on the seam of a performer’s bikini brief are actually robbing him of what is his and doing the floor managers and waiters a favor!  You are just being stupid, if no one has told you that.  Now that they see how much money the stage performer is getting, they rejoice because they know they are assured of a bigger share of the pie.  Better tuck or insert the paper bills into his bikini brief in such a manner that they are not visible anymore.  Do not display both the money and your arrogance.

On one occasion at Solution Disco in Pasay City, a female guest gestured for the dancer who was dancing in the middle of the floor to approach her table.  The performer obliged.  She placed ten 1,000-peso bills in his bikini brief with portions of the bills still dangling from the seam of his bikini – very much the way you hang clothes on the clothesline.  That was a whopping 10,000 pesos and the floor managers and waiters were all smiles knowing they had a good share of the huge amount the dancer received.   What was more surprising, though, was the dancer’s dance performance was lousy because he did not know how to dance.  And yet he got rewarded by a stupid customer.  Learn how to give that amount to a dancer without anyone seeing you handing it to him.  Possible?  Yes, it is!  You just have to be imaginative and ingenious.

Never emulate what one regular homosexual guest at an expensive macho dancing bar near Timog Avenue in Quezon City loves to do when he is in the bar.  Twenty thousand pesos to forty thousand pesos for a cute dancer who cannot even dance and giving the dough to him while he is performing?  What are you trying to tell the world?  That you are rich?  If you are, then by all means, get that boy out of his job, buy him a house, a lot and a car, give him a business to own and run, and shower him with five millions pesos.

You are not helping the dancer if you let other people see and know how much you are tucking into his underwear.  The managers, the waiters, the DJ and the bar tender will get a lion’s share of whatever the dancer receives from you, the customer.

If you want to give him a tip money, do it secretly.  Have mercy on the dancer, will you?

Lest The Prying Eyes Of The Floor Managers See You 

DISCREET transactions are necessary lest the prying eyes of the floor managers see you.  You do not want to compromise your dancer-table-mate’s earnings for the night, do you?  Do not be intelligent when you are in a macho dancing bar.  Be smart.  That is the rule of thumb.  As a customer, it is your duty to be on guard.  Do not be gullible but do not be rude either.  Try to be nice and firm and act professionally in your dealings with the bar folks.

When you table a macho dancer, you are, in effect, using his time and you, therefore, have to give him a tip money.  You are obligated to do so.  And when you leave some amount of cash with him, by all means do it secretly.  Avoid getting seen or caught giving money to your tablemate.  The dancer deserves the tip money you are giving him and it is his to keep.  He deserves it more than anyone else.

The floor managers are like hunting animals: alert, observant, and opportunistic.  They watch every move of the customers towards the last minutes of their visit hoping to fish something from them before they say good bye and good night.  Almost every customer is considered well-heeled and walking automatic teller machines they can extract money from in the same manner that they deem the macho dancers as milking cows ready to supply them with cash.

Given to flattery, these mama sangs (and papa sangs) can be irritating at times.  Their actions can sometimes spoil a customer’s visit and they still have the nerve to ask for a tip money.  However, if you happen to chance upon a floor manager who seems to be different from the typical, if not stereotyped, floor managers, and who treats you like you are a very important person (VIP) without hinting at tips, you may probably think of tipping him, which is an excellent way to help him motivate himself to do better in his job.

Spending time in a macho dancer bar can be costly on your part and the more expenses you will incur if you decide to get a dancer to join you at your table, because you are obligated to buy drinks (and food) for him.  If you want to see and spend time with him again and you feel the bar is just too expensive and risky a place for you, you can always meet up with him outside his workplace – that is, during his free time.  And again, do not forget to tip him for his time.


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