His Maxx Candies

HE drops several pieces of yellow Maxx honey-lemon flavored candies on the table and offers one to his guest who politely refuses it.  He unwraps one and pops it into his mouth while his guest starts gulping his San Miguel Beer Light, the same beverage the dancer has ordered.

The customer observes his dancer-companion, kind of intrigued by his choice of a candy to go with his beer drink.

“I quit smoking a year ago,” the stripper tells the curious patron, “and these candies help me resist the urge to smoke again.”

“That’s nice to hear.  It must have been a tough decision to quit the habit,” the customer sympathetically tells his table-mate.

“Yup!” the wide-grinning entertainer quips as he grabs his drink.

He has long abandoned the habit, but every now and then, he feels the urge to puff anew.  That’s why he makes it a point to store some Maxx candies in his locker and carry a few pieces wherever he goes.

It’s good to know he has given up the vice, lest he would end up amongst many macho dancers who unknowingly suffer from bad breath.


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