On Personal Hygiene

Bad Breath: A Big Turn-Off

MANY of us get smelly breath at some point in our lives.  Lick the back of your palm, let it dry, and then smell it.  That’s the smell of your breath.

Sometimes, you are tempted to think halitosis or bad breath is associated with macho dancers because many of them, indeed, harbor bad breath.  They smoke a lot and don’t bother to brush their teeth after every smoking session.  Compounding the problem is poor oral hygiene, which, coincidentally is also an issue amongst numerous outsourcing workers.  But that is another story.

To the macho dancers, brush up.  Brushing helps remove that repulsive cigarette smell and prevents bacteria build-up in your mouth.  Follow it up with a gargle of a good quality mouth wash.  Also, flossing creates a remarkable difference in one’s hygiene habit.

It would be a wiser idea to start making it a habit to brush up as many times as you can, especially after puffing a cigarette or two.  All you need is a quick trip to the wash area or restroom.  Learn to brush your tongue, too, and the back of it, where bacteria usually grow.  Make it a point to always smell good and appear fresh just before joining your mates in an all-cast show or your guest who requested you for company.

Several times, Trog noticed this particular boyish-looking stripper with kissable pink lips and pinkish nipples and flawless skin go on stage still a bit sleepy.  Apparently, he had been awoken from a slumber which he had taken while awaiting his turn to perform.  One wonders why floor managers don’t address this issue on appearance; or, perhaps they are aware of this but they just don’t give a damn.

What kind of a guest would table a dancer with bad breath and who looks like he has just risen from bed?

Those Neglected Ears of Some Dancers

IN a popular macho dancer bar in Quezon City one summer night, Trog noticed a woman in her early 40s snuggle up to her table-companion, who appeared to be twenty years her junior, as if to announce they were a couple who could do just about anything even in hostile Philippine public.  The guy seemed uneasy finding himself in an awkward situation but sort of obliged to the advances of his guest.  Moments later, she began licking his left ear.  The touch to that fleshy appendage must have jolted the unsuspecting dancer, who tried to move away after feeling ticklish from the wet touch on his ear.

“Hope those ears are clean,” Trog quipped, half-smiling, as he turned to his dancer-companion.

Were those ears clean?  Are yours clean?

You appreciate the efforts many MDs (macho dancers) put in looking good, clean and smelling fresh and getting fit, but you can’t help comment on the way some strippers neglect their ears.

MDs should clean their ears regularly.  If you’ve got time to dress smartly, to powder your face, and to lift some weights, surely there is no reason you can’t spare a few minutes for your precious ears.  After all, they are part and parcel of your body and clean ears are part of “the good MD package.”

Who would want to date a guy with dirty ears, anyway?

Those Long and Dirty Nails

YOU just don’t understand it.  There before your very eyes: an average-looking, gym-toned stripper with those disgusting long and filthy nails.  Why do you grow them long? : To scratch on the walls, or use them to pick booger, or use as weapons?  Only women sport long nails.  Men don’t.  Of course, the other breed of women, the transvestites and transsexuals can grow their nails long.  But men and straight-acting, straight-looking, straight-talking, straight-feeling, straight-thinking gay men don’t and never!  Long nails are women’s domain.

Long nails can harbor germs and bacteria and that’s why you cut or trim them and clean them.  You trim them, they grow again, and that’s why you trim them again.  And that’s why a nail clipper was invented.

And you trim your nails at home and not in the workplace, in public, on the train or bus, or in front of the camera as in the case of that Filipino news anchor who was, and is, devoid of etiquette.  Whew!

It does not take fifteen minutes to trim and clean your nails but some macho dancers are lazy enough to take care of their nails.  True enough, there are those who just don’t mind growing their nails long, which are a disgusting sight to behold.  They think sporting long nails is fashionable.  There was this East Asian-looking stripper who earned the moniker “gangster” because he didn’t only wear blings, including rings on almost all his fingers, he also enjoyed sporting long nails.  But despite this appearance, he proved to be a skilled, sexy dancer and had this cute smile.  He rarely got tabled for reasons even he could not figure out.

A vanity kit containing, among others, a nail clipper, a tube of toothpaste, a roll of dental floss, a bottle of mouthwash, and a tongue scraper would be a perfect alternative to the usual cash reward or tip money.

What do you think?


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