When Beauty And Appeal Fade

BY the mid-30’s, many macho dancers are no longer beautiful and sexy, although they were in their day.

Beauty begins to disappear when they reach thirty and the loss of appeal follows.  These two elements fade because in the early to mid- thirties, you begin to slacken in your fitness training, become even more saddled with family problems and the possibility of losing your job beckons every now and then, which work issue only adds to the stress build-up.

Those who started their fitness regimen in early twenties or late adolescent years are going to maintain their figure well into their late thirties.  The reward is worth the effort they put in their younger years.  They will remain sexy, appealing and marketable.

But will the bar employers continue to employ them once they turn 30 years?  Is there or should there be a macho dancer bar which employs dancers between thirty years and forty years old only?  If there is such a strip club and the 30-something strippers are as gorgeous and yummy as that excellent Philippine actor named Gabby Concepcion, you will want to go to that establishment.  And go you will!


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