Are Macho Dancer Bars Still Worth A Visit These Days?

MACHO Dancer Bars.  Male Entertainment Bars.  But rarely do locals actually call them strip clubs, preferring to refer to them as gay bars, instead.  For some, these establishments are considered fronts for prostitution, purveyors of immorality (what is immorality and who defines it?), exploiters of young men, and promoters of graft.  You call them what you want.

But for thousands of people, especially discreet gay and bisexual men, macho dancer bars are kind of “ideal places” to be true to themselves and watch a different kind of entertainment.  Which entertainment is “prohibited” by law but is actually “allowed” and tolerated because such male strip bars are in existence.

Are macho dancer bars still worth a visit these days?

Strip bars are expensive places.  But you won’t mind blowing off your money if you are getting what you are paying for.  You see the words “male entertainment” on the establishment’s signage and you expect to be entertained by way of some awesome shows.  You are a different breed and your idea of male entertainment is dance performances by talented male entertainers.  We are not talking about strippers who stand on stage like stiff objects, about dancers who feign they can dance, about performers who take off their clothes halfway through their shows, teasing the audience with their cocks, and drag queens who stage shows which are repetitive of what they had introduced previously.

You are shocked to learn you are one of a kind because you are completely different from your fellow customers in that you don’t visit a macho dancer bar simply to canoodle with a stripper, see a dick and suck it, watch what the folks in the macho dancer bar universe call an ATW, or all-the-way, show in which the stripper bares his tool in exchange for some cash, or find a boyfriend or a sex-mate.  Yes, you are one of a kind and that is why the bar people hold you in high esteem because you are no opportunist, and because you respect the entertainers and consider them as your equals.

But then you know you sense something is missing.  You come to a point where you feel you have lost that interest in strip clubs.  It kind of happens rather naturally.  You woke up one day realizing such bars were becoming boring places to be in.  Or, perhaps such places have failed to live up to your expectations, which is why you are having this kind of thought. You see, different customers have different expectations when visiting macho dancer bars.  As one Makisig stripper once said, there are many different reasons why men and some women troop to male strip bars.  One of these reasons, which is seldom shared by majority of customers or bar guests, is to watch male performers with superb dancing skills, which many strippers lack.  And which they decline to admit they don’t possess.

Are macho dancer bars still worth a visit these days?

Strippers who went by such names as AJ (or Alejandro), King, Alfred and Akihiro were the types you would want to watch perform on stage.  Their dancing moves were far too different from those exhibited by most of their kind, which moves could cause your sleepiness to disappear the instant you would hear the in-house disk jockey mention the stripper’s name and see him go on stage to perform to everyone’s delight.  There’s sexiness in their individual performances but not too much of it.  You, as an audience, could feel that they put passion into what they were doing as evidenced by their impressive shows.  They were serious about it but they never forgot to smile when and where needed.  Oh yes, they performed with life and they enjoyed every part of their shows.  That, you think, is something lacking these days and that boring shows are among the reasons you think macho dancer bars are losing their appeal to some folks with different needs.

And then there are the usual problems long haunting you: some bar employees.  Well-nigh all floor managers are devoid of etiquette because they don’t give the bar guest and his dancer-mate privacy, which they deserve.  Then, there are managers who beg for a portion of the customer’s food orders because they think it’s perfectly alright to freeload.  A classic example of this kleptoparasite is one of those Solutions Bar managers who has no qualms about asking a guest for some free food.  Most waiters are not customer-oriented and are down-right opportunistic, literally telling a customer to get another drink for his table-mate after ten minutes has lapsed.  Rarely do you bump into a waiter who really knows his job and simply let you, the customer, decide for yourself, instead of being told what to do as far as getting drinks for your dancer-mate or for yourself.  And when it comes to tip money, you know when to give him some monetary reward for his attentive service and you don’t like to be nagged about it.  Adding to your disappointment are those floor managers who expect to get some tip money even if they don’t deserve it.  But then you know there are so-called tipping norms in the macho dancer bar industry and customers are “expected” to conform to such norms.

In a way, macho dancer bars are a disappointment when they can’t deliver on their promise.  But then you cannot blame them for their sloppy service.  You can hold off on visiting these establishments and, after some time, you feel you kind of miss such places and want to drop by your favorite strip bar hoping to catch someone whose dancing skill might interest you and make you stay till the wee hours.



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