The Shoe Store Guard Is Now Sexy

HE now dons tight-fitting shirts, presumably to make the muscle bulges visible through the fabric, or for the sake of convenience.  Suffice it to say he has joined the fitness training bandwagon as evidenced by his toned biceps, sculpted chests, and broader shoulders.  An apartment-mate wishes the subject of this brief article accidentally drops his trousers so he can see his lower extremities, but that is asking for something that will never transpire.  He must have a fetish for those parts.

Although rather late, tiny and spacious so-called fitness training centers have sprouted in his neighborhood and competition seems stiff.  Each to his own as far as drawing potential clients is concerned.  He happens to train in the largest training center equipped with disappointingly mediocre equipment pieces, which don’t seem to matter to the users.  Surprisingly, he is the only good-looking man amongst the male gym goers, whose shadows the unforgiving Filipino transvestites (the bakla) don’t even want to notice, lest they blurt out that detestable, flesh-piercing word “hipon” (Tagalog term for shrimp) and label them as such.  (Figure out why they employ such term when they speak of non-handsome gym-toned men.)

Anyway, we are talking about the shoe store guard whose recent transformation from a simple, lean and athletic guy into a now sexy, gym-fit individual has “intrigued” passersby and his admirers, women and gay men alike.  A cute face coupled with a flawless skin and toned body never fails to attract anyone.  A head turner seems an appropriate word to describe him.  At least this specimen is beautiful and sexy in his own right.

Now macho dancer bar scouts, if there are any at all, have a better reason to tempt this even more attractive private security guard, who is earning a measly pay, to give macho dancing a shot.


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