Remembering Pretty Boy Macho Dancer Bar

This photo is the property of the Gonograd Resident

The business name was attractive but at the same time deceiving.  The young entertainers were not pretty boys, only average looking but they were courteous and humble.  The location was kind of dangerous, which must have scared some potential customers who would not risk their precious lives for some erotic shows, as the macho dancer bar was housed in a building on a dimly-lit portion of Quezon City’s notorious Aurora Boulevard.  Pretty Boy Entertainment Bar was more famous with the lower-class crowd for its occasional live male-to-male sex shows, the same shows staged by those smaller similar bars found along Manila City’s Rizal Avenue.



    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the comments and my apologies for the late reply.

      By “gay bar”, did you, and do you, mean macho dancer bars, or establishments like “Bed”, which is a gay bar but not a macho dancer bar? While I have heard of and seen several gay bars in the metropolis, I have never been to any gay bar, which may sound surprising but which is true. However, I have walked into many macho dancer bars or strip bars, which should not be confused with gay bars.

      Cruizin Manila was a macho dancer bar and so is Boy Next Door. The former is now closed. While both are macho dancer bars, Bed is a gay bar. There is another, this time in the Sampaloc District of Manila, near the Blumentritt Street-Dimasalang T-Junction area. Its name is Ginoong Modelo Entertainment Bar, a strip bar in the real sense of the word.

      As for Apollo 14, two weekends ago, I saw an Apollo 14 signage from the second floor of a building somewhere in Sta. Cruz district. Crown Mall is gone. I have not returned to the same area as yet purposely to check if it’s the same Apollo 14 strip bar because back at the then Crown Mall, there were at least three (3) bars sporting “Apollo 14″ and only one was a macho dancer bar while the two others were girly joints. And all three were owned by one person.

      Best Regards,

      The Gonograd Resident

      1. Here’s a list of the smaller Quezon City-based macho dancer bars which are still in business.

        Hotmen on Stanford, Cubao District

        Emotion/Emotional also on Stanford, Cubao District

        Dreamboyz/Dreamboys on Aurora Boulevard, just a few meters away from the Boston St-Aurora Blvd corner, also in Cubao District. This is before Betty Go Belmonte LRT Station on your left if you are coming from the direction of Gateway Mall and on your right, after the same station, if you are coming from SM Sta. Mesa area.

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