Remembering Prince Galaxy Macho Dancer Bar

This photo is the property of the Gonograd Resident

LESS popular than the more established and bigger rivals in the industry, the establishment was the favorite destination of many effeminate men and closeted homosexual and bisexual men who liked the unusual friendliness and straight-forward attitude of Prince Galaxy’s macho dancers.

Formerly known as Manila Boyz Club, Prince Galaxy Bar was housed on the second floor of a commercial-residential building at the corner of Ramon Magsaysay Avenue and Ampil Street in Manila’s Sta. Mesa district.  When asked about the floor location of the strip bar, young men loitering in the building entrance would say they did not know, which was ironic.  And the same persons would beg departing customers for some money for transportation fares or for coffee drinks upon seeing them, which was pure harassment!

If there was one thing Prince Galaxy Macho Dancer Bar was proud of, it was the fact that it was dubbed Metro Manila’s King of Strip Shows.  And it’s these notorious nude shows that must have caused its demise.  A popular television investigative show’s so-called expose “compelled” the local police to raid the establishment and the rest was history.  So whatever happened to the apprehended strippers caught baring their wares?  Raids are raids but hard-hitting, sinless, self-righteous moralists don’t and can’t offer sustainable alternative employment to these nocturnal entertainers whose limited education could not land them a much more decent job (is macho dancing not decent?).



  1. I love this place. I actually miss the performances of their male strippers. They held the best shows back then. I can still remember my fave MD’s here: Apollo, Justine, Angel and Patrick. Haha!

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