Remembering Valentino/Mr. Valentino Macho Dancer Bar

This photo is the property of the Gonograd Resident

IT’S gone.  But memories of it still linger and are worth recalling.

Valentino was huge and spacious but the shows were not entertaining.  But despite this, Trog, always escorted by a good-looking, gym-fit straight friend for this purpose, would visit the place, after feeling bored in other macho dancer bars.  It was here that he discovered the presence of a pool of male guest relations officers whose job it was to simply keep the customers company.  His presence would always attract the attention and curiosity of the strippers and models who could not believe that Trog was a different kind who hated being intimate with his dancer-tablemate.  He was at Valentino or Mr. Valentino (or Valentine) to observe, to ask, to gather information in ways only he knew, to make friends with the entertainers, and to discover something or someone.



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