He Is One of A Kind

INDEED, he is different in numerous ways.

He likes to be comfortably seated in an area that’s neither too near the stage so he appears conspicuous nor too far for him to miss a good view of the stage activities.  Because he loves good entertainment, which is the reason for his presence in the bar, he always pays close attention to the shows management puts on.  Good entertainment comes first.  Tabling a dancer comes second.

This customer is biased against serious-looking entertainers but enjoys the company of dancers gifted with winning smiles.  Quite simply, he does not table strippers who do not grin no matter how gorgeous and attractive they are.  All-cast shows afford him the opportunity to spot guys worth “tabling”, if you will, as do the boys’ unguarded moments when he discovers their personalities.

He also knows which strippers don’t like to spend time with him and who, instead, wait for their regular guests who, they believe, give bigger tip money.

This patron doesn’t harass his table-mates and he tells them this in advance through a floor manager.  He doesn’t like to be petted either.  He just doesn’t like the idea of seeing an entertainer placing his arm around his guest’s shoulders or resting his arm on his lap.  He keeps a distance.  When sitting at a coffee table-type table, he and his stripper-mate are seen sitting opposite each other, an arrangement which does not work for most macho dancer bar customers who enjoy being locked in an intimate embrace with their table-mates.

He opts for fruit juices instead of alcoholic beverages, which choice causes eyebrows to raise.  On rare occasions, he asks for a chocolate drink which he alternates with instant coffee.

He doesn’t smoke but is comfortable with a smoking stripper.

This guest is generous with food orders for his tabled macho dancers, even granting the occasional food requests of waiters themselves.  You may not be aware of it, but there are waiters who sometimes ask for free food to be shared amongst themselves, especially at times when they have not supped yet and are starving.

Everyone loves him, preferring him to other customers for many different reasons and, by “everyone”, we mean the macho dancers.

If the latter are most comfortable with him, there are bar folks who hate him.  But “hate” is too strong a word.  Perhaps, “dislike” seems more appropriate.  These critics are the floor managers.  But it’s wrong to generalize them as his “haters”.  Their only issue with him is his refusal to leave tip money for the floor manager who handles the strippers he tables.   He has valid reasons, he claims, for not tipping a manager, who, in the first place, is not his dancer-table-mate.

He gives tip money when and where needed.  And he is damn generous or he can elect to be frugal in the wink of an eye.

He is popular with the macho dancers of his favorite strip bars yet he always maintains a low profile.  His presence in other establishments of similar nature, which places he seldom visits, intrigues the staff who starts becoming curious about him.

If and when he senses boredom has set in, he requests a skilled dancer to perform and both boredom and sleepiness begin to vanish.  For the dance show, he pays the performer and he pays him well – with no strings attached.

This guy can exit the scene unnoticed even by the manager assigned to handle his needs or his table-mate.

He shows up in a strip bar because he wants to have a good time, to watch, to be entertained, to meet people, to make friends with the strippers and waiters, and to observe.

One bar owner is awed by this customer’s idiosyncrasies while one bar manager calls him “the best customer” she has ever met.

He is one of a kind.


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