On Ginoong Modelo Bar’s Unique Location

This photograph is the property of the Gonograd Resident

WHO doesn’t like Ginoong Modelo Entertainment Bar’s location?  It’s right on the route plied by jeepneys and accessible by taxis and tricycles.  There is a petrol station just across the street in case you are driving and you need to gas up.  Convenience stores are found in the vicinity, the closest being at the corner of Dimasalang Street and Amoranto Avenue, formerly called Retiro.  There is also the nearby La Loma district of Quezon City, which is home to numerous lechoneros and smaller eateries.  SM San Lazaro is a good five minutes by tricycle.

And in case, and just in case, you need to be taken to the emergency room, there is the nearby Chinese General Hospital on Blumentritt Road which forms a T-junction with Dimasalang Street on which the macho dancer bar is found.

And best of all, there is the North Cemetery in the neighborhood, which cemetery shares a border with the Chinese Cemetery which, in turn, shares a border with La Loma Cemetery.

Who knows an enterprising man will, one day, open a mortuary twenty meters away from the bar?



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