Remembering Solution Disco Macho Dancer Bar

This photo is the property of the Gonograd Resident

Lifted from the journal of the late Trog were these entries on one of his visits to Solution Disco, a down-market macho dancer bar on Pasay City’s Arnaiz Street, formerly called Libertad:

“There is a guy or two manning the wide entrance leading up to the second floor of the concrete building where the strip bar is located.  Take several flights up the stairway and you will see a non-smiling, burly looking man sitting behind a small wooden table.  He takes the entrance fee payment from host bar patrons (or hosto bar on the third floor) and macho dancer bar customers.   On other nights, a bored looking woman takes over.

“Entrance Fee (Cover Charge): lower entrance fee for women but higher for “bakla” men, meaning transvestites and effeminate men.  The latter entrance fee also applies to transsexuals.  If you choose this entrance fee option and you happen to be a truly manly gay guy with no hint of feminine traits, you must be brave enough to say you are gay (in the Philippine context, effeminate homosexual), lest you will be charged four times the actual entry fee.  The macho dancer bar charges more for straight guys and for those straight-acting, straight-looking, straight talking gay guys who are always mistaken for real men.  The establishment charges even more on big nights (Thursday nights) and special nights.

“It’s here where you occasionally spot a popular, noisy transvestite actor-television host who seems enamored with a serious-looking, tattooed macho dancer many customers go gaga over.

“But I kind of like Solution Bar and will definitely return, if only to catch my favorite stripper, that is, if he is still there.”




    1. Napanood ko na totoo pala so proud ang couples matagal na sila ni shalala naririnig ko hindi nahihiya si xavier na lantad relasyon niya kapit sa patalim kasi.

  1. Ang dami niyang account sa fb nakikipagchat siya pag nag pm kayo sa kanya then nakikipagdeal siya 8k presyo niya ang dami na nakatikim sa kanya bilasa na ito. Matagal na siyang callboy.

  2. Nakachat ko ito sa fb mukhang pera mamaliitin ka mas mapera daw siya sa akin kilala ba niya ako para magsalita siya paano dadami pera niya eh kung sino2x pinapatungan niya shit ka xavier hindi mo madadala sa hukay pera mo.

  3. Yes he’s pabooking talaga naging model ko ito before he even asked for referrals what can we do he got vices around thats why he do this kind of job.

  4. Feeling artista ito mayabang callboy naman pala akala mo kung sino magyabang. macho dancer ka lang yan tandaan mo…

  5. Hi. Do you have a contact number for Solution? I can’t seem to find a Facebook page for this place para updated ako sa events. Thanks.

    1. Kung gusto niyo siya matikman add niyo siya sa facebook aapprove niya friend request niyo and make deal with with him pumapayag siya i have his number can i share it here?

      1. Thats right hes my friend in fb and i chatted with him he agreed to meet me hes pabooking talaga he’s in need to pay his rent due as he said.

      2. ang aga2x puro kabastusan pinopost niya sa facebook niya ska nangaakit talaga siya lagi siya nagpopost ng picture na walang shirt para makapang seduce ng mga bakla na mapeperahan niya. yan ang nagbagong buhay hehe.

      3. thats true he replies to messages in fb baka nga true mga posts dito lulong yata sa sugal at droga no wonder katawan niya ibebenta nya to sustain his lifestyle sad he lives alone or he lives with his family? sad to say i feel sorry to all macho dancer they have the same life they dont grow hope xavier will save his life from fires of hell.

      4. This is all true, last night nag guest sa radio show namin candidates ng on top runway2014 one of the candidates named louis works in solution as dancer so i asked him about xavier he told me hindi na pumapasok ito matagal na nagbobooking na lang daw at mag karelasyon daw na gay ngayon tsismis ito.

        Shalala is my friend we work in the same industry naging sila nito bef thats true from his mouth xavier is so greed daw always asked him and hes a liar daw dont trust him pati mudras asked favors daw shalala my friend is very nice and kind shocking naman. What you expect hes been working in this business for about a decade now.

      5. Be careful girls and gay may ka live-in pala si xavier and that girl dont care kung makipagmeet siya sa others as long he will go home with money magaling siya magdrama pati babae pineperahan nya kya girls be careful and gays he will do everything to please you just to get you so be careful kawawa kayo pag naloko kayo ni xavier trabaho niya manloko talaga.

  6. nagmamalinis pa yan si xavier yan ang lalaking pokpok malibog pa aso yan pag talo yan sa casino makukuha niyo siya sa halagang 1k lang tambay yan sa central..lulong sa droga at iba pang bisyo yan..

    1. Pareho sila ng girlfriend na high society escort kumakabit sa mga politicians kaya madami sila pera mga walang dignidad binebenta mga sarili para lang magkapera kasi madami sila bisyo..


      2. ATTENTION:Mr. XAVIER MANAHAN makuntento tayo kung ano ang meron hindi lahat makukuha natin, don’t be greedy,look at your GF, even she sells her body, and please don’t use God just to show to the public you believe in Him, you’re not good. you’re hooked on drugs, that’s why….

      3. are you referring to roan? shes high class escort. xavier knows what roans work because they have the same work xavier fucks around and roan fucks politicians.

    2. this is all true, sad to say if you go to Baclaran Church every wednesday dawn u will see lots of gays, girls who work in bars, and callboys at the back, it’s like fiesta; they just go there because many people go there that time, not go and pray, just like xavier did he go there just to get attention from gays, am i right? i know he works in solution in Libertad, hindi na ba siya magbabago ng landas, he’s been working there for 12 years already, he’s old in that profession. bad. sad for him.

  7. good day may i request pakitanggal sa blog lahat ng photos ni xavier manahan nagbagong buhay na siya thanks..

    1. Hi. Thank you for dropping by. As regards your request, I don’t see any reason why I should not grant it. And I apologize if I have offended him. Best Regards.

      (For the Gonogran)

    2. Nagbagong buhay? I saw him always sa Baclaran church, in fact, I saw him late last night…he was looking for high society matrons; he pretends he goes to church but his main purpose is to get clients and make money. he passed by and he gave his number to me, he charges 5000…

      1. Dapat igawa natin monumento yan si Xavier Manahan. Siya pinaka kilala na macho dancer pano walang kahihiyan proud na proud sa trabaho niya pati Diyos ginagamit kunyari banal.
        Swindler naman kung sino2x na guest sa Gay Bar pinapatungan nyan callboy talaga calling Xavier Manahan magabago ka na! mukha kang pera saka wag mo gagamitin ang Diyos sa kalokohan mo…

      2. Let’s give the guy a chance to explain his side, in the spirit of fairness. So, Mr. X.Man, you know what to do. Now about your suggestion, should his life-size statue be clad only in trunks? No pun intended.

      3. By “Nagbagong Buhay” (he leads a new life), perhaps he has since stopped stripping for a living and has instead engaged in a much more lucrative enterprise, whatever it is. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

      4. gosh sakit na niya yan mahirap na niya layuan pagbebenta ng katawan nakasanayan na niya kasi.

      5. till death magbebenta ng laman si xavier he loves whats hes doing folks by the way he provides shower party he will undress and play his cock my gosh! walang dignidad callboy kasi.

    3. good day moderator may i request na please delete all the comments abt my cousin xavier hes not like that hope you understand my concern thank you.

  8. Im looking for harold someone from emotion hunks told me hea here, this is his friend could you tell him that i emailed? We meet at dreamboy, he also work at whitebird, kilala nya po ako,

    1. Hi Jun. Thank you for dropping by. I have relayed your request to a few persons connected with Emotion Hunks Bar and White Bird and let’s hope they can help you. Alternatively, you may want to call up Emotion Hunks at 0949 731 8295 or White Bird Bar at 851-2088 or 851-2089.

      1. Gago lang ang baklang nag-uubos ng pera sa gay bar at mga macho dancer, kaya ang buhay ng macho dancer pare-pareho lang, kasi mga manggagamit sila ng tao.

  9. Are you talking about shalala and the MD popularly known as Xavier Manahan? 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to visit this place, now i know that i have to act effeminate so that i won’t be charged with high entrance fee.

    1. Oh, yeah. The “couple!” You are smart, man. I bet you can fool them with some acting so you can avoid that “non-sense” high entrance fee. As far as feigning to be sissy, I wanted to do it, too, twice but just could not pull it off. Thus, I was slapped with an exuberant entry charge. Hey, I encourage you to give Solution a shot then you may want to share your experience with this blog.

      1. So they are still together, huh? Kissing means loving…He became even more famous when Ms. S would greet him during Ms. S’es “Juicy Show” days. This is according to my flatmate.

      2. kawawang shalala habang naga i love you sya kay xavier sa kanyang show may ka live in si xavier na pokpok din na babae, pinagsabay sila kaya mga bakla maging mautak tayo.

      3. for your information 12 years na sa ganyan kalakaran si xavier mamamatay na siyang callboy pagtitinda lang yata ng katawan alam niya..

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