Look-Alikes of Local Movie Stars

IT’S fascinating to meet and even to talk to look-alikes of local actors and other showbiz personalities in an unlikely place called a macho dancer bar.

You try to figure out how this has happened but the thought only makes you smile.  Hey, it’s possible to have look-alikes.  You imagine what it feels to be adored for simply resembling a certain actor, but even a particular macho dancer-look-alike of a local showbiz star is not flattered!  Fact is he is ashamed of the attention he is getting.  Is that so?  You think it kind of boosts his ego but it does not.  But you know there are strippers you assume enjoy the attention they are getting for being look-alikes of some stars.

You are awestruck at seeing them from a distance, which is when they bear even more striking resemblances to certain personalities.   The idea of having them up close tempts you and, when you finally do find yourself sitting next to them, you realize they look rather different from when you see them from a far.  You discover things you wished you had not seen at all.  But then that’s the painful truth.

Seeking an audience or wishing for a dinner-date with a particular star is unthinkable so having his look-alike on a particular night is like spending time with the real one.  At least, it’s almost a reality.

Every now and then, names like Jolo, Jordan, Alfred, Stanley, King, Cesar, and Justine still ring a bell.  These strippers did look a lot like some particular local actors.  Jolo was diminutive just like Jolo Revilla and was almost a lot like him.  Jordan, in some ways, looked like Jordan Herrera and was famous for his winning smile.  Alfred was always mistaken for actor-turned-politician Alfred Vargas.  Boyish-faced Stanley bore a striking resemblance to actor Niño Mulach and was adored by a few financially privileged customers despite his pimple problem.  Floor managers in his work place all agreed Cesar closely resembled Coco Martin.  Justine could pass for Wendell Ramos.  What about King?  Well, King was often mistaken for a particular East Asian pop star and he kind of enjoyed that recognition.  There was even this tall, thirty something stripper with Caucasoid features and his colleagues always referred to him as “Tom Cruise”, because, according to them, he looked like that famous Hollywood actor.  And there was this floor manager who was almost an exact replica of show business personality Boy Abunda.  It’s worth reminiscing about those times you were once with them.  Perhaps, on your next visit to a macho dancer bar, you might bump into a look-alike of Christian Bautista.


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