Remembering Hotmen MDB

Hotmen on Standford Street in Cubao, Quezon City.

This photograph is the property of the Gonograd Resident

 THE Gonograd journal entry on Hotmen Macho Dancer Bar, a small strip bar at 41 Stanford Street, Quezon City, reads:

“It is in such small macho dancer bars as HotMen and Dreamboyz where macho dancers do not mind being fondled by guests, in sharp contrast to their Timog-based counterparts where strippers have the right to leave guests who sexually harass them in full view of other customers.  And one manager claims many people prefer going to Cubao-based male entertainment establishments to Timog area-based strip bars as they can spend more intimate time with the dancers.

“Indeed, Hotmen is small, simple and unpretentious… and is good enough for equally simple customers who know what they want.  The manager is accommodating, friendly, and a good conversationalist but comes off pushy, but not rude, when it comes to offering a private room.  The door folks, the service staff and the dancers are courteous and smile back when grinned at.  It is accessible and a convenience store, a popular mall, and small hotels are not too far. 

“It is easy to locate Hotmen if you open your eyes and keenly remember landmarks and street names.




  1. Is this a nice bar to go to? Are there lots of ATW? haha! I like Emotion Hunks more than this bar. For me EH’s managers and dancers are more accommodating :-). Just saying..

    1. In a way, it is good. ATW? I don’t like ATWs but ATWs are an important feature and all bars have. Yes, it’s neighbor, Emotion Hunks, is far better and the staff better in terms of service.

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