On Foreign Customers As Walking ATMs

THEY look, think, and speak different and just because they are not the locals’ kind, they are to be treated disadvantageously.  But foreign customers are virtual walking automatic teller machines (ATMs) in the eyes of local macho dancer bar folks.  The ability of, say, a Caucasoid North American man to travel overseas reinforces the idea that all non-locals are wealthy or, at least, financially privileged and they are to be taken advantage of.  It’s absolutely wrong to assume that an Irish customer who walks into a Parañaque-based male strip bar is moneyed, by virtue of his racial background and his looks.  Overseas tourists planned their trips well and they saved money for such purposes, something most locals do not do.

There is this dangerous mentality amongst the locals that foreign guests must be treated like royalty, if only to get bigger tip money.  Unbeknownst to the strip bar folks this thinking only makes the foreign guests think of the locals as predators who are ready to pounce on their preys.  It also makes them reconsider their decision to make a return visit to the same place.  The narrow-mindedness and opportunistic attitude of these bar employees are advertising macho dancer bars as havens for desperate suckers for money.

It’s about time macho dancer bar folks start behaving professionally and broad-mindedly and shed whatever misconceptions they have about foreign guests.  But then it’s like asking for something that will never come.  The mentality seems deep-rooted and you can move heaven and earth but it still remains embedded.


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