Provocative Macho Dancer Bar Business Name

THE most provocative and controversial macho dancer bar name I have ever seen was Male Bol’s Entertainment Bar on the second floor of a decrepit structure on Manila City’s Rizal Avenue.  The business name could be seen even from the passing LRT coaches.  Shows were more daring.  This down-market establishment was a strip bar in the real sense of the word.  Sadly, it eventually faded into history.

Of course, before this name was invented there was Male Dog Entertainment Bar on Oroquieta Street, also in Manila.

It would be interesting to see a male strip bar with a similar-sounding business name mushroom someday, somewhere in Quezon City, which is a more ideal place to run a business of such nature than neighboring Manila City.



  1. thanks for the info. So both Cruizin and BND have dancers/strippers? WOuld u have info on what they charge customers for drinks etc? Meron bang entrance fees?

    1. Hi,

      My apologies for the late answer. There are still a few.

      There’s Ginoong Modelo on Dimasalang Street in Sampaloc, Manila, close to the Sampaloc-La Loma, QC border and Manila North Cemetery and Chinese General Hospital.

      Over in Malate district, also in Manila City, there is just one called Boy Next Door at 2113 Marcelo Del Pilar Street.

      On Avenida Rizal, or shall I say Rizal Avenue in English, there are none right now.

      1. Are Cruizin and BND, gay bars? or similar to Bed? DO they have dancers/strippers?

        I think the APollo 14 is already closed. Crown Center Mall has already been torn down.

  2. i know the place..nakapunta ako ng ilang beses..super sikip pero enjoy..maari mong i- suck ang katable mo…mura lang dun..sana magkaroon uli ng tulad nito..

    1. You were lucky to have visited the place many times when it was still around. Among the average-looking strippers, one would find an eye-candy, which was unusual for a tiny, down-market macho dancer bar. Places like Male Bol’s (should have been Male Balls) were a major loss to the industry. Who knows a similar bar would mushroom one day? Why don’t you share your experiences in the form of an article, drafted in either Philippine English or Tagalog? I am sure there are potential readers out there.

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