Call Him Alejandro

HE goes by the name of Alejandro.  He is quite tall by Philippine standards, neither ugly nor cute, and displays Yellow race features.

The Gonogran has seen his numerous dance performances and enjoyed them all.  Back at the then Timog Avenue-based Makisig Male Entertainment Bar, he was the undisputed star dancer, by virtue of his superior erotic dancing skill.  Besides, he got tabled most of the time, which meant more revenues for the business owner.  Many patrons preferred him to some other entertainers.  His colleagues teased him about many things, which he must have simply shrugged off as pure envy.  There were others better-looking, more attractive, and more sexually appealing than he was, but they never made it to where he is now.

It was at Makisig where he got famous for dancing to the tunes of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro and Poker Face.  When it was his turn to perform, all eyes were on him.  It seemed everything stopped the moment he strutted his stuff on stage.  He was such, and is, an excellent entertainer; a no-nonsense dancer, if you will.

After a long stint at Makisig, he gave Adonis, also on Timog Avenue and the Philippine’s most popular male strip bar, a shot.  It’s here where he became even more famous and his transformation from a lean guy to a hunky and more daring individual added to his growing popularity amongst macho dancer bar patrons, particularly the pink corps members.

This young guy is not and does not look boring on stage.  One wish other macho dancers could entertain as effectively as Alejandro.

Alejandro has since become a model.



      1. He is definitely hot 🙂

        So many are enamoured with him (that includes me). There is a certain boyish, yet macho charm, about him that is so endearing. A bit hard to compete with so many regulars I guess (well-off gays and women, balikbayans, beautiful bar girls, etc. – who can shower him with gifts and huge tips).

        All the best, Alejandro. We LOVE you. Hope that one day, I can take you out (wishful thinking!!!).

        By the way, a very interesting, well- and intelligently-written blog. Keep up the good work!


      2. “Enamoured” is the right word, indeed, to describe many a patron’s over-excitement about and unusual interest in him. He exudes a strong sex appeal that seems to beacon to just about anyone with an interest in men, beautiful men at that. And Alejandro is beautiful.

        Tough indeed when you know there are more moneyed customers to deal with. But one day, one day, you will eventually ensnare him, oops, get him to join you for an eat-out or something.

        During his Makisig days, he was already making his presence felt but the indifferent folks there never cared about him and his talent. His fellow dancers teased him about his choices of songs and sort of taunted him for his superior dancing skills. And certainly his critics envy him now. Look at Alejandro.

        We love Alejandro. I love Alejandro for his talent. He is amazing. He is awesome.

        I appreciate your compliments about my simple blog and your taking the time to read it.

  1. i know this Alejandro guy.. He used to work in Mr. Galaxy din. kaya lang, the bar was closed na. so ngaun hindi ko alam kung balik Adonis na ba sya. Most of the MD’s sa “dating” Adonis naging friends namen. sad nga lang kasi naghiwa-hiwalay na sila. so, kami ng mga friends ko, halos lahat ng bars kung nasan sila pinupuntahan namen. CLUB F4 (which I thnk closed na din), FORMULA 690 and the “new” ADONIS. just sharing. 🙂

    1. Hi,

      I appreciate your visiting this blog and my apologies for this late answer.

      As regards Alejandro, he used to work at the then-Timog Avenue-based Makisig, where he was called AJ, after which he moved to the infamous and famous “old” Adonis MDB, also on Timog. A great dancer, indeed! Back at the “old” Makisig, my friend Trog and I would request him to dance, if only to kill boredom and make sleepiness disappear. He was superb on stage. Macho dancers like him were the types of strippers you would want to see perform on stage. He could entertain the audience. In a way, he was a great loss to Makisig, which is now located on Roosevelt Street, also in Quezon City.

      Where your stripper-friends are, there you should be. Which is also what I do.

      You mentioned Mr. Galaxy. Well, I thought Mr. Galaxy Entertainment Bar died and resurrected, but this time, as Formula 690, which is found on Ignacia Street, which is also home to famous Moomba Eatery and Hilom Spa. I visited F690 three times for obvious reasons. High-end looking, if you will.

      Best Regards,

      The Gonograd Resident

      1. Hi. I agree with you that F690 is very high-end looking.. seeing all the pictures, it’s very different from other bars. that is also one my reasons why I want to go there. anyway, i am very fond of reading your blog lalo na pag sobrang bored ako talaga sa office. I hope you’ll come up with a topic na yung different kind of guests na na-encounter ng mga MD, and if there is a chance ba na ma-inlove yung mga guests nila sa kanila.. I’m just curious talaga.. Thanks. 🙂

      2. Again, I apologize for this overdue reply. I am glad to know you like my blog; this means, I have built up a small fan base. F690 may be expensive-looking but I have not seen strippers with dancing skills comparable to that of Alejandro, King and Akiro of Makisig, or even Alfred. I always pass by that place and I get to kill the urge to drop by and spend even an hour. But we should be thankful F690 is there; competition is healthy, you know.

        About your suggestion (guest-dancer love story), I guess I can work on that. And thanks for bringing it up.

        Best Regards.

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