Memories of Club Mankind

This photograph is the property of the Gonograd Resident

“MANKIND?” the tranny bar executive at Big Papa Macho Dancer Bar inquired, apparently unaware of the existence of a male entertainment bar by that name.  She might not have heard of Club Mankind, but certainly for tens of thousands, if not millions, of people including other strip bar managers like her, the bar name does ring a bell.

The Scout Ybardolaza Street, Quezon City-based macho dancer bar is popular in its own right, just like Planet Xanadu on Scout Borromeo.  Famous male singing group Masculados had presented shows in here as did several other more popular showbiz figures and their choice of Mankind as the venue for their engagements helped advertise the fairly modest-size establishment.

Over the years, Mankind (or MK to several strippers) has improved as evidenced by the presence of better-looking macho dancers.  It used to be that only a few strippers were handsome but a recent quick Gonogran visit to the place revealed the place was catching up with other more established rivals which have long maintained a pool of much prettier boys.   Improvements, in a way, have certain drawbacks.  These days the inside has become even brighter, which does not bode well for the patrons, especially those who aren’t comfortable being recognized by a neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance who happens to spot them.

There are moments which are forever etched in one’s memory.  For example, the Gonogran could not forget the night he saw a chubby female patron slumped on a couch by a pillar.  Her dancer-tablemate was also in the same boat.  The tequila bottles on their table indicated the drink’s powerful effect sent them into a deep slumber, that not even the guest’s companion’s tries to wake her up could produce promising results.  One young dancer vowed to intervene on her behalf when it was his turn to perform on stage.  He, who was remembered for his wide smile, stomped his feet on the then wooden platform several times as part of his dance choreography, but his hopes of startling the sleeping duo with his signature noisy moves left him disappointed.  The slumbering folks went on to enjoy their public rest in full view of the amused crowd.

There are slower nights, which can be a problem for the bar staff and the owner, and Club Mankind was not spared this fate.  The Gonogran author remembered visiting the latter place on a slow Wednesday night when there were only ten or twelve patrons in what appeared to be a deserted bar.  The sight of fewer guests did not sit well with the bar owner, the cosmetic surgeon, but the silence soon dissipated when a creative stripper, who went by name of “Andrei”, got on stage and, to the surprise of the patrons, delivered some acrobatics on the wooden stage, literally tumbling from the center stage down the narrow ramp and ending just where the pole stood.  He was naked, mind you, but he expertly tucked his tool and balls between his thighs in such a manner that not even a watchful eye could spot his genitalia.  How he hid them only he knew.  From where the pole was, he repeated his routine landing almost exactly in the middle of the stage and made a quick turn to face the entertained spectators, who cheered him on his unique style of entertaining guests.  His moves earned him a hefty cash reward from an amused good-looking guest and, at the same time, elicited some objections from an older patron who kind of complained the stripper resorted to what he called “tricks” so as to get rewarded.  The Gonogran was taken aback by the man’s assertion.

The latter author sought moments like this because he got entertained but he also realized it was not always possible to witness shows like this.

By the way, whatever happened to Andrei?

Besides Andrei, another macho dancer the Gonogran would seek out was Jordan, then a permanent fixture at the bar.  He enjoyed spending time with him simply because the entertainer had  a clean look, always had a fresh breath, and always grinned.  You see, the patron would not table unsmiling strippers no matter how gorgeous they were.  A smile, a real one at that, was important to him.  So it was that he would always ask for him and they would talk about many things.  For the record, the dancer named Jordan was the only entertainer he had known that would wipe the top of a canned drink clean before letting his guest open it.  His reason was simple and practical:  the top was dirty.

What’s interesting about Mankind was that its bar managers were never pushy as far as the patron getting a dancer to join him at his table was concerned.  Fact was the managers would even help the customer decide on whom to pick from amongst the strippers.  When it came to floor executives, he particularly liked Kikay because, to borrow the author’s pal’s words, she gave “justice to her job by cleaning up the tables dirtied from water or sauce drippings and cigarette ashes, and checking on the ice supply on occupied tables under her supervision” (The Gonogran Journal).  The Gonogran enjoyed being served by a waiter named Choy who did his job efficiently and professionally.  He stayed close to the area in his care and focused on the guests and their needs.  He was different from his fellow waiters and the waiters at other macho dancer establishments because he knew just what to do!

Mankind was also famous for its strippers who were look-alikes of several local show business personalities.  The blog author tabled Jolo, who called himself as such because he resembled the actor-politician Jolo Revilla, Justin, who claimed he kind of looked like Coco Martin, another one (whose name he couldn’t recall) who bore a resemblance to actress-politician Vilma Santos’es youngest son, and a Stanley, whose cute face was kind of similar to that of Niño Mulach.  Overall, the Mankind macho dancers still looked wholesome, though they donned strippers’ outfit, which fact differentiated them from the Adonis strippers.

Club Mankind is not for the budget-conscious customer because the macho drink price in this place, at close to PHP500, is seven times higher than the price of a liter of diesel fuel.  It is expensive but still worth a visit once in a while.


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