Soliciting Money For A Macho Dancer Bar Show Is Beneath Dignity

THEY went up to him upstairs where they found him sitting on a couch with a dancer-mate.  Without wasting precious time, one of the former immediately made known to the guest their purpose for bothering him:  “Hihingi po sana ng donation para sa prizes mamaya.”  This meant they were asking for some cash donations to be used as prizes for that night’s bikini contest winners.  But the patron appeared to be much more straightforward than they were and let out a one-word reply:  “No.”

His refusal to give in to their modus operandi sent them back downstairs where he saw them join their fellow floor managers desperately collect monetary contributions from willing guests.  The managers’ collective action that late evening, when the so-called bikini competition, participated in by about thirteen of the bar’s own macho dancers, was just starting kind of irked him.

The very act of begging for prize contributions from the customers themselves would struck anyone as pathetic and as something beneath dignity.  It only gives you the inclination to believe the show or event that the solicited dough was intended for was not well-planned, in terms of prize allocation, that the bar owner has nothing to do with it, and that the idea of organizing an event, be it a bikini contest, a Mister Macho Dancer, or Mister Something, was solely the floor managers’.  It’s like saying that if it’s the managers’ brain-child, then it’s also the managers’ full responsibility to shoulder all the expenses involved.  Why organize such a show in the first place, if there are costs involved and the organizers cannot cover them?  Why bother the bar customers?  One does not see the logic there.

Begging is beneath one’s dignity and bar managers who resort to such have lost both their dignity and respect for themselves.  Strip bar owners who tolerate such M.O. might do the patrons a huge favor by resorting to seppuku (no pun intended).  That is honorable and more honorable.

Male entertainment clubs or macho dancer bars are fun but expensive places but show organizers must not add to the customers’ huge damage.



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