It’s Lust At First Sight, Baby

“I LOVE YOU, ALREADY,” the effeminate patron told his dancer-mate who chuckled on hearing his guest’s words.  If the former was dead serious about his feelings for him, the latter considered his assertion a result of drunkenness, if not, mere infatuation.  Many a macho dancer bar customers suffer from infatuation overdose and many more appear to have a tough time recovering from it.

Mistaking lust for love is dangerous, mind you, and discovering and eventually fixing this emotional blunder at the earliest time are important.  Homosexual patrons get attracted to and fall for male strippers faster than their female counterparts and, in the end, most of them fall prey to financial predators.  This is not to say all macho dancers are suckers for dough and will do anything in their capacity to milk money from the people they are in a relationship with.  That’s a sweeping generalization.

So it was that the sissy customer would always seek out the object his affection, reasoning he was in love with him.  But the apple of his eye was unaware of this and could not fathom his guest’s “Cloud 9 experience”, despite the numerous instances in which he told the stripper of his “affection for him.”

It’s lust at first sight, baby.  It’s not love.  Of course, there are people who believe in love at first sight, but millions more do believe in lust at first sight.

As a guest, you expect “some kind of sweetness” from your dancer-mate.  As a macho dancer, it’s also his responsibility to reciprocate his guest’s display of niceness, fondness and courteousness and his actions should not be interpreted in such a manner that you, the customer, think the stripper loves you too.  No emotional attachment, please.  Nothing personal, either.  Just doing his job.  Hope that makes everything clear.  Don’t cross the red line; and there is one and the bar patron simply needs to be aware of it.  The moment he crosses the red line, the consequences are terrible, but it’s not our present intention to attempt at exhaustive treatment of this issue.

It’s damn lust at first sight.  There’s no question about it.  Is it because his face looks boyish, angelic, pleasant, cute, handsome, or attractive that you think you like him?  And because you like the good-looking macho dancer, you think, or shall we say feel, you love him, already?  You lust after him.  Come on, anyone lusts after the person he likes.  It happens to anybody.  It’s normal.  But to say “it is true love” that you are feeling toward him and to express “I love you, already” is crazy.  If it’s not love, it surely is infatuation, which is the cousin of “true love”.  But if it’s not love, and it isn’t, it certainly is lust.  There is no question about it.  Lust is normal.  But to let concupiscence rule over you and dictate your actions to the extent that you start sexually harassing the stripper is not normal anymore.

It’s imperative upon macho dancer bar customers to learn to distinguish between lust and love.  This is not to point out that you cannot find true love in an unexpected place called “male strip bar”, because a male stripper is also capable of showing true love toward anyone.  But you can’t find and catch true love at twelve midnight in a male entertainment bar.  No, you can’t.  But lust?  You can find it anywhere and anytime.  Just be careful.



  1. super like! 🙂 pero what if, the dancer already introduces you to his family? what if the family treats you as their own na din? and what if tumagal ng more than a year yung “pseudorelationship nio? is it lust pa din ba? hahaha.. relate much… thanks!

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