Macho Dancer Bars Come And Go

THEY come and go.  They are like those eateries put up by people who knew nothing about cooking, the food business and customer service.

Macho dancer bar owners raved about their opening night, announcing it here and there, promising better entertainment, better looking strippers, better service, and better facilities.  But after several months to a year of operation, those promises never materialized.

The male strip bar business is a different business that is bound to be a costly project, beset with a handful of problems.  Once, there was a patron who inquired as to who was more qualified to venture into this kind of business.  Should it be an ex-macho dancer?  Should it be a regular strip bar customer?  Or, should it be a homosexual man who happens to have the start-up capital?

There are many things business owners have not explored or have simply refused to take into account.

Heavy customer traffic is the goal of any macho dancer bar owner but that is seldom realized.  When only a few people patronize a business and it goes on and on for months, the best thing to do is to close shop and file for bankruptcy.  That is, if there is no hope in the horizon of turning a struggling business around.  Besides, that’s the honorable thing to do than to continue squandering more money.

Certain things prevent a guest from making a repeat visit.  Exorbitant customer and macho drink prices can spell the difference between success and failure.  How come Solution Disco charges less for a customer’s mandatory first drink while a few Quezon City rivals charge more for a similar beverage?  Lower customer and macho drink prices attract more people, which translates into more revenues for the business.  More patrons may mean more chances for the strippers of being tabled, which means more beer sales and bigger income for the dancers.  But it is also incorrect to point out that lower prices may translate into more customers.  In the past, there were tiny bars which charged far less but they still did not survive the stiff competition.

Customers look for entertainment.  We are not talking about actual human copulation show on stage or gay sex act or shows involving the display of the dancers’ doodles.  Wholesome entertainment is what the majority seek out.  The excellent dance-show of a bikini-clad skilled entertainer, who does not expose his wang throughout his performance, is considered wholesome entertainment.  From the perspective of the corrupt, dough-sucking local police, it is a lewd show.  But that is another story.  Lousy shows are a huge turn-off for many guests, especially those with discriminating tastes.  Certainly, they dislike the idea of watching handsome dancers with stiff bodies perform on stage.  They can’t entertain.  They make the guests doze off, which is not what the managers want to happen.  Non-goodlooking strippers who can’t even dance won’t do the customers any good either.  Entertainers with no regard for personal hygiene would hardly get tabled, or remain un-tabled throughout the entire shift.

Then the owners wonder why they are not making any profits at all.  Come on.  You need to wake up!

Constant police extortion also creates headache for the owners who are harassed, menaced with threats of raids, of both legitimate and warrantless arrests, with intimidation, with suits over violations of this ordinance and of that national law on the holding of lewd shows, what not.  But the police are likely to oppose any moves to legalize the macho dancer bar industry because they won’t make money anymore.

Another factor that affects the business is management treatment of its employees, the strippers in particular.  The latter expect to be treated with respect just like anyone else.  Overworked and sleep-deprived, they feel they deserve a better and higher pay.  They expect their company’s policy to be geared towards their welfare.  When the dancers feel they are not being treated well, they opt to leave for good.  When your more skilled strippers move to your rival bars, you are going to feel the effect of their departure in the long run.

Customers do not only look for attractive entertainers, good service, courteous staff, and excellent shows.  They also seek out clean rest rooms in addition to clean food.  If the front of the house looks good, why not make the back look good as well?

Macho dancer bars with no toilet fit for human use should just go and never make a comeback.  We can enumerate the names of male strip bars in the metropolis that cannot brag about their restrooms, but we won’t go to that extent.  Instead, we appeal to their owners to spend, at least, an hour inside their toilet and let them see for themselves what a mess they have created over the years.

We always look forward to seeing new bars join the industry and we expect them to at least live up to our expectations.  Otherwise, they may just fold up later and join the statistics.


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