Macho Dancers Are Not Prostitutes

I AM not an apologist for the macho dancers but I beg to disagree with those who hold the bigoted view or pursue the argument that the macho dancers, the local strippers that is, are actually prostitutes.  They are not.  I bet these narrow-minded people have not been to male strip bars and have not tabled, spent time with and talked to strippers.  I wonder where they get this false notion that these strippers are actually callboys and macho dancing is simply their front for their trade.  What’s with these people who pay actual commercial sex workers, yet malign male strippers and label them as prostitutes, a serious allegation which the dancers cannot believe and accept.

Does one become an instant prostitute if and when he agrees to have sex with a person for a fee?  Does a stripper become a prostitute simply because he agrees to be sucked by a homosexual patron for an agreed fee?  Would you call a macho dancer prostitute if he agreed to perform oral sex on a male customer for five thousand pesos (just over $100 US Dollars)?

This is the common mindset of the local cops who are damn too narrow-minded, too self-righteous, too ignorant.

Perhaps, there are people out there who don’ t really understand the dancers and their choice of work and envy them.

Macho dancers are not prostitutes.



  1. An excellent perspective, my blogging buddy! Thank you for sharing this! This myth/stereotype needs to be dismissed. As an undergraduate at university, I posed nude for art classes and was paid a stipend for doing so. Did that make me a whore? Some thought (and maybe still do) that it did. Whatever. The opinions of others (especially narrow-minds) don’t bother me.

    Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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