Familiarity Breeds Contempt

“FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT and if you don’t get it, poor you” was my friend’s text message to a macho dancer, who was pestering him with numerous messages peppered with requests for eat-outs, pleadings for him to visit the bar and for permission for the dancer to visit him in his rented apartment.

He very well remembers his mother’s advice to him given back when he was still in secondary school.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Strip bar managers and macho dancers must heed this warning.  Patrons ought to learn this by heart.

Rule number two applies especially when you are in the bar.  Strippers must keep their distance, keep to themselves and don’t invade the customer’s privacy, which he values so much.  The patron will request a dancer to join him, if and when he likes.  If he has been alone for an hour, don’t you ever tell him to table (local strip bar parlance for asking a dancer to sit with or join you at your table) you.  You wait for him to make the move.  Again, if he needs some company, he will readily inform the manager about it.

I, for one, don’t like a bar executive who joins me at my table and starts with me with queries about my job and love life (hello, I did not come to this place to talk about my personal life), nags me to get a dancer to sit with me or a private room, where he thinks a stripper and I can have some privacy (do you want us to have some intimate moments in there?).  Most local male strip bar executives are devoid of etiquette and it’s sad when you are deficient in it.

Sometimes, a person just wants to be alone, to be by himself and he hates it when other people deprive him of that basic right.


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