Women, Too, Love Strip Bars

MACHO DANCER BARS are not just for homosexual men, openly and closeted alike.  It used to be that the crowds were virtually pink.  These days, though, more and more women patronize male strip bars; which is good news for the dancers, who, by nature, are much more comfortable spending time with female customers than with gay men.

Let’s admit it.  These entertainers are straight as heck and it follows these straight animals lean toward members of the opposite sex.  Of course, we see some dancers having a good time with their gay guests, making sure they are happy and having fun, too.  It’s because they need their dough.  Entertaining rich gay customers means great rewards for the strippers.

Some female customers are moneyed and, as such, can afford to splurge on anything within their purchasing power.  Spending time in macho dancer bars provides them a different kind of experience.  I have heard about stories of some women who rewarded their favorite strippers, whom some called “boy-toys”, with cars, condominium units and expensive electronic gadgets.  I wish I were a stripper!

White Bird Macho Dancer Bar, which has tried so hard to promote itself as a top-notch strip bar, and Solution Disco, a seedy establishment, are frequented by women so that on a few occasions female guests outnumber homosexual patrons who must be feeling threatened by the presence of their female counterparts.  The increasing number of women going to a few of Metro Manila’s macho dancer bars has incensed some local tabloid columnists, narrow-minded species who style themselves as “moralists” and “public service-oriented journalists”, who have since been relentless in their tirades against these women, who they claim hire strippers for sex.  Really?  Were you there when you alleged they paid them for sex?  Everything is based on hearsay.  Even the members of the purple corps are not spared from their attacks.  Tabloids are full of trash and intended for the masses many of whom are always hungry for gossip and tabloid writers feed on their need, which means more revenues for the publishers.

I like it when I see women in strip bars and I like it more when I get to talk to married ones, because it’s then that I am tempted to ask whether it’s their husbands’ unsightly tummies that make them seek out younger and sexier men.  Ha-ha…

While the transvestite patrons always appear louder, wilder, funnier, and more flirtatious, women turn out to be an interesting lot.  Women have rights, too, and occasional visits to strip bars are absolutely okay.  They just hope the police have not scheduled a raid on their visit.  That would be an unpleasant experience not just for them, but also for the gay customers.


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