PozziePinoy Is A Must Read

Photo courtesy of pozziepinoy.blogspot.com (the official website of The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Program)

THE GONOGRAD and the Gonogran support PozziePinoy Blog (the official site of The Project Red Ribbon Care Management Program hosted on blogspot.com), which is a must read for all Christian, Buddhist, Agnostic, and atheist islanders who have access to and the means to use the Internet.

PozziePinoy focuses on the dissemination of information on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the Philippine archipelago and information on clinics and hospitals providing tests and treatments and also provides counseling and assistance to financially-needy HIV-AIDS patients.

Sexually active persons, including expatriates and macho dancers, are thus encouraged to visit the blog from which they will learn a lot about the dreaded sexually transmitted diseases, the locations of centers and clinics that provide testing for HIV and AIDS and venereal diseases, the experiences of those people the blog has touched and helped, and about its volunteer programs.

HIV is on the rise in the Philippine Islands, yet more and more people continue to remain ignorant of the repercussions of promiscuity and engaging in unprotected sex.  What is more shocking is that the infected persons are getting younger.

It’s about time we cut off their penises, oops, I mean, we educate the islanders on the importance of safe sex, abstinence, prevention and early detection of the sexually transmitted infections and venereal diseases, and of seeking treatments at the earliest possible time.

Should anyone wish to contact PozziePinoy, its e-mail address is pozziepinoy@yahoo.com.   It can also be followed on Twitter @pozziepinoy.


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