Foreigners Should Shun Macho Dancer Bars

HUNDREDS of thousands of foreign tourists visit the Philippine Islands, braving the dangers that await them the very moment they disembark from the aircraft. A small percentage of these aliens have the luxury of time to visit a few male entertainment clubs, more commonly called macho dancer bars. Male strip bars closest to the infamous Philippine International Airport draw the bulk of these potential customers.

Since macho dancer clubs do not discriminate on the basis of one’s sex or gender orientation, one sees even straight-as-an-arrow South Korean men unwinding with their female compatriots inside such establishments. Some South Korean women visit such popular clubs as White Bird Male Entertainment Bar in Parañaque City and Solution in Pasay City and their male compatriots are there, understandably, to keep them company. Locals, however, are quick to label these men as members of the “pink brigade” by virtue of their presence in places built to cater to homosexual men.

Besides East Asians, there is also a sprinkling of white Caucasian men in some other establishments of the straight-go-go-boy variety.

The presence of these foreign customers only reinforces the long-held twisted view among virtually all islanders that foreigners are moneyed and should be taken advantage of. It’s a pity foreigners are stereotyped as such and are considered walking automatic teller machines and are at the mercy of the opportunistic locals. Most of these straight go-go boys are, by nature, materialistic and, as such, they are hell-bent on coveting the latest electronic gadgets available in the market and other cool stuff. The sight of foreigners in strip clubs only emboldens these people to dupe these travelers, all in the name of money.

Foreign guests feel exploited and deceived because they are not getting what they are paying for. You may be wondering what I’m talking about here. Issues ranging from small gratuities, lousy shows and expensive drinks to poor conversational skills among many performers are amongst the items I am tackling here. It’s safe to say then that a culture of deception does exist in this part of the world, which deplorable culture the locals are quick to deny. It’s better to deny than accept the truth because the truth does hurt, literally and figuratively. Clearly, there are people who were born with no sense of shame.

It’s no surprise then that many foreigners consider these islanders “gold diggers” or “dough suckers”, which is a sweeping generalization which, of course, is incorrect and unfair. But you can’t blame people from other countries for thinking or believing this way. There are islanders, like yours truly, who resent this generalization, but it simply is difficult to change one’s perception of people from other cultures. The good apples are damaged by the presence of the rotten ones – if you know what I mean.

That’s why foreigners with a penchant for male strip clubs should take pains to avoid the Philippine’s male strip clubs.



  1. Excellent advice, my blogging friend. Many of these people are unaware of their situation. Thanks for publishing this warning. Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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