Where Are You Alejandro?

WHERE are you Alejandro?

For those of you who have no idea who Alejandro is, he was the best macho dancer Metro Manila has ever seen. Thanks to his exceptionally different dancing style which never failed to wow the audience. He broke with the monotonous dance routine that many a Filipino male stripper was known for. He created his own choreography and, with his unique dancing ability, he launched himself as the stripper to watch out for. Patrons were not disappointed.

While others clung to Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses and to famous local songs, he carefully chose his music material. He thought Alejandro and Poker Face by Lady Gaga were amazing and that dancing to such songs would make a difference, especially in terms of breaking the boredom that normally engulfed any local macho dancing bar after a few rounds of monotonous strip-dance performances. He was absolutely right. He was a performer in the real sense of the word. Many wished his counterparts were as skilled as he was but, of course, no two persons are alike.

Alejandro began at the now defunct Makisig Male Entertainment Bar on Timog Avenue in Quezon City, where he was a permanent fixture. At Makisig, which later metamorphosed into Matikas Entertainment Bar when it moved to less popular Roosevelt Road, also in Quezon City, he, then known by his initials AJ, started as a lean performer with absolutely no sexy physique to boast of in the first place. What he lacked in a macho image, he made up for in his superb dancing skills, which gradually caught the attention of virtually all strip club patrons.

“He was simply different from the rest,” averred one satisfied patron. “I love him,” declared another equally satisfied regular bar guest.

From Makisig, he moved to the then more popular Adonis Macho Dancer Bar, also on Timog Avenue, where he eventually became one of the most in-demand male performers and one of the most sought-after table-companions. It was here where people witnessed his transformation, that of a macho guy who became even more daring. In between strip dancing, he also tried his luck at modeling, which made him even more famous, especially among the strip club-going members of the pink community.

The Gonogran rejoiced when, on two occasions, he watched the twenty-something macho dancer-freelance model danced to Nicki Minaj’es Starships. Boy oh boy, was he absolutely amazing! Dancing just came so natural to him. The former tried desperately to table him but he was always unavailable. He had been reserved, or rather booked, by more moneyed patrons. Poor Gonogran.

Eventually he left Adonis Bar for nearby Club Mankind, another of Quezon City’s most expensive macho dancer bars, where he became the most popular dancer. He was a mainstay at this establishment, where he bagged the major awards at different in-house competitions, until one day when regular customers would no longer see him perform on stage, not even his shadow. Which made his fans ask this question: Where are you Alejandro?

Perhaps he is still around. We just have to look for him.

(For the Gonogran)



  1. Please paremove ako sa website nyo kasi nasisira po ako sa ibang tao. Hope u understand my side this is alejandro sana ibanna lang po ang modelo etopic nyo wag na lang po ako, hope u understand a lot at nagaaral po ako ngaun ayaw ko po masira sa mga taong nakapligid sa akin

    1. Nasa facebook sya .. Pa-travel travel internationally ang peg! Mukhang someone got really serious with tis guy kaya di na siguro pinapapasok ng gay bar and may mga expensive gifts pa like Louis Vuitton. Things that money can buy nga naman….

      He’s so hunky and yummy with his new photos though ..

      1. Lucky naman kung sino man yong benefactor niya. I guess lucky din si Alejandro for finding such generous lover. To be rich… and to be handsome. Hay…

  2. Nakatable ko siya a few times sa Mankind. Miss that guy. Very nice. Super sexy. And you’re right, galing sumayaw. Maybe, nagbagong buhay na? We miss you Alejandro. Big loss for his fans, but whatever the reason is, sana huwag ka ng bumalik sa pagsasayaw. You deserve something better. I wish him all the best.

    1. We all love and miss Alejandro, or AJ as the Gonogran continues to address him by his old MDB nickname. A guy like him, who is courteous, humble, friendly in a professional way, and easy to get along with, deserves something better in life. Has it ever occurred to you that, one day, who knows, he may become an actor? Who knows, you know? Speak to us Alejandro, through this site. Thanks for visiting the site. Best Regards.

  3. Cool post, my friend. The photos are breathtaking as are your descriptions of his dancing abilities. Great job! 🙂 Best of luck in your search! 😉 I hope you find him…and soon!

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