A Reader Shares His Strip Bar Experiences

A certified regular patron at numerous male strip bars emailed the Gonogran, sharing his experiences and positive comments about the macho dancer clubs he has gone to.  Here’s his electronic missive:

“I have been to Solution Male Box in Libertad (speaking of within the metro)…It is always nice there.  I appreciate Dion who was able to identify me after a year, they really value their clients!

Out of town bests for me are Navigator in Cebu, Paraiso in Iloilo, Bamboo Jom in Olongapo and Salambat in Davao. Some of these are small clubs but customer service and affordability of entrance fees and drinks is good!

I love the shows of Navi in Cebu, the MDs of Bamboo Jom (especially ANGELO) and Paraiso (especially JR).  Davao’s Salambat offers low price drinks but good accommodation, the dancers dance even you’re the only customer.

Lastly, these bars have nice MD’s, not diggers and definitely not demanding.  Except SEVEN of Bamboo Jom who fooled a friend of mine, allegedly.  But, nevertheless, in general, the visits in all these bars are worth it 🙂

Thanks for the pics, by the way…”

Thanks a bunch to CuriousGuy, the name he prefers to go by, for your insightful message.  Now I am learning from you.

Some staff members at Solution MB do remember their clients, which is good customer service.  I have not visited the Olongapo City-based Bamboo Jom but I have heard of it.  Is it still open?

Here’s an old logo of the latter strip club…

and I hope these few snapshots may help bring back happy memories of your visits:

You mentioned Navigator Bar.   Oh, it’s Cebu City’s best straight-go-go-boy bar which boasts of much more attractive strippers many of whom are good performers.

By the way, is it true that there are now two macho dancer bars in Iloilo City in Central Philippine Region?  The other is OnePlace Entertainment Bar on J.M. Basa Road.

Of course, Paraiso (Paradise in English) Bar has long been there and is showing no signs of folding up.  Here are pics of Paraiso Macho Dancer Bar.

 photo ParaisoGayBar.jpg

Again, thank you for your email and for visiting the blog.   I hope you will come back and share useful information with the readers.

Note: The Gonogran does not claim ownership of the photographs featured in this post.  Credits go to Bamboo Jom Bar, OnePlace Entertainment Bar, Paraiso Bar and myphilippinelife.com.


Matikas Bar Was Raided

WELL, yours truly did not like to tackle this subject, but later realized he felt obligated to talk about this recent raid on a popular male strip club, however brief it might be.

AS you all know, Matikas Entertainment Bar, a small macho dancer bar at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Roosevelt Street in Quezon City, was raided by agents of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division of the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (an “imitation” of the famed United States Federal Bureau of Investigation) and Human Trafficking Division of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the wee hours of June 4th, a Wednesday, after month-long surveillance by the bureau confirmed suspicions that the strip club offered sex services to its patrons (underscored words were from the head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division Dante Bonoan) and engaged in prostitution.

The early morning raid (or shall we say “rescue” because it is a favorite word of the Philippine cops and other local enforcement agencies as far as raids of strip clubs is concerned?) netted eleven macho dancers (or male strippers), six of whom, according to Salve Sion of the Social Welfare Department’s Human Trafficking unit were minors, that is, below eighteen, which is the legal age.  The crackdown also led to the discovery of children all aged below fourteen and who were found asleep in one of the rooms.  What were these tots doing in a strip club? Well, let’s answer it this way: You are a single mom and you can’t afford to leave your precious child behind in your rented room. So the best option: Bring your child along to work your place.

(The latest strip bar raid in the City of Quezon received front page treatment in tabloids such as Hataw! [shown above].  Photo courtesy of Hataw! Tabloid)

The shirtless and clad-only-in-underwear dancers were taken to the headquarters of the investigation bureau in the Philippine Capital, Manila, and the children to the Social Welfare Department Rescue Centre also in Quezon City.

I hate it when law enforcement personnel refuse to listen to the side of the arrested performers and when the latter are talked into saying they peddle sex right inside the bar.  I have been to numerous macho dancer bars and I have never solicited sex from any of the strippers I tabled, which assertion may shock you but which is true, and the dancers who joined me at my tabled never ever offered sex service to me. In fact, I have never taken out any strippers.  Really? Yes.

This is not the first time that the strip bar was raided. If you recall, the establishment, when it was still known as Makisig in its old location on Timog or South Avenue also in Quezon City, was raided in April of 2008.  At the time, it was the police who swooped down on the club where supposedly half-naked men were caught dancing.

The Wednesday raid did not surprise yours truly. After all, raids are part of the challenges faced by strip bar owners and performers and patrons. On whether such raids are legitimate or not, yours truly withhold his judgment. But the Gonogran hopes the dancers will not be coerced or intimidated into shelling out hard-earned cash in exchange for their liberty. You know how the local system works.

By the way, it’s the month of June, which is traditionally the start of classes in the Philippines Islands.  You can’t put your child through school if you are cash-strapped.  Similarly, you need money in the run-up to the election. And you need more dough during the holiday season.  Do you see any connection?

Davao City Macho Dancer Bar

A blog follower e-mailed the Gonogran just recently, suggesting the latter feature a thriving macho dancer bar in Davao City down in the southern part of the Philippine Islands.  This particular establishment goes by the name of Salambat Adam’s Apple Bar (located at Km 7, Jose P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City; contact numbers are 0907-191-2253 and 0932-258-4713).  The Gonogran has not visited the bar but this journal thinks it wise to help promote this male entertainment establishment. Visitors to this strip club are encouraged to share their experiences for the readers’ pleasure.

(For the Gonogran)


Just Some of the Pampanga Macho Dancer Bars

(Photo credit: Vanidoso Comedy and Hosto Bar)

Vanidoso Comedy and Hosto Bar

Don Juico Avenue, Clarkview, Barangay Malabanias,

Angeles City, Pampanga Province

Inquire from Miss Vianca Ramos at 0929-360-0599

There may be a term “hosto*” in the business name but that does not disqualify the bar from enjoying the distinction of being a macho dancer bar, or male strip bar.  After all, hosto means male entertainer and amongst the bar’s entertainers are macho dancers – of all shapes and sizes, if you will.

* A borrowed Japanese word which literally means male entertainer. Some Filipino men work as hosto or male entertainers in the Land of the Rising Sun.

and then there is also…

(Photo courtesy of Club Casanova Bar)

a macho dancer bar located on First Street, Balibago, Angeles City also in Pampanga (beside Juliana)

 and still another macho dancer bar that goes by the name of…

(Photo credit: Ex-Boyfriend Entertainment Hall)

Ex-Boyfriend Entertainment Hall

at S.R Lim Ave Diamond Subd, Balibago, Angeles, Philippines (between MacArthur Highway and NLEX)
inquire at 0908 227 8833

But there is one macho dancer bar whose name will surely make you laugh out loud, I guess.  It’s…

 Club Metro Bulabog* (Comedy & Hosto Bar)

* This is because Bulabog (stress on the second syllable) means disturbance or surprise (noun) in English

 It’s on the 2nd Floor of Theresa Building
along McArthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga

There is one establishment of the straight-go-go-boy variety that kind of boasts of better looking macho dancers.  Its name is Club Primo or Club Xtreme Primo Live Entertainment Comedy and Hosto Bar, found in Mabalacat, a bustling town also in Pampanga.

Xtreme Primo Live Entertainment Comedy & Hosto Bar

Block 1, Lot 7 & 8, McArthur Highway, Dau, Mabalacat Town, Pampanga
(Between PureGold and Woodland Resort)
Contact Numbers are 0999-466-6081 and 0999-418-0542

Photo credit: Xtreme Primo

Bring Back Our Girls


In support of efforts to rescue the Nigerian school-girls kidnapped by the infamous Boko Haram bandits.

 It’s a pity that the motivation to rescue those students has to come from Western countries, the United States in particular, and that the Nigerian government seems unconcerned about the plight of the abducted girls and the emotional and mental trauma their parents are going through.    

(For the Gonogran)


How do you reconcile your “secret” job as a macho dancer with your active Facebook account which shows images of half-naked men and photos of bar shows in which you have actively participated?

Statistically, more people browse the Facebook site than this obscure Asian blog, which fact only means that the chances of your family, neighbors and so-called friends discovering you strip at night for a living are much higher.  

  There is nothing inherently wrong about stripping, but if you don’t want people to know you are a stripper, don’t let your personal social network account give them the inclination to believe you are.

Think about it.  

for the Gonogran