Macho Drinks

Any Drink Is A Macho Drink

IT’S only recently that I realized any drink ordered by a macho dancer qualified as a macho drink.  This clearly meant the Del Monte Fit and Right Passion Fruit Juice Drinks my stripper-tablemate ordered in lieu of the San Miguel Beer Light were considered macho drinks.  This is by virtue of being so ordered by the macho dancer himself.  The other dancer, groggy after downing several bottles of light beer courtesy of two previous patrons, had Nescafe instant coffee, which set me back nearly four hundred pesos (about $9 US Dollars) a cup.  The people around us were raising eyebrows and chuckling on seeing the dancers drinking “something unusual.”

Good thing I told the waiter the dancers should decide for themselves instead of me ordering drinks for them.  Besides I did not even know what they would like to have.  Hearing this, the two men clarified whether they could have something else other than beer because they were intoxicated.  “By all means,” I assured them.

Previously, a macho dancer in a rival bar located south of Manila told me they had to ask for their guests’ permission before ordering any non-beer beverage and that, usually, Filipino patrons would want their dancer-tablemates to drink beer.  It’s a different case for me.  I let the dancer decide on his drinks.  I can have Del Monte Pineapple Juice Drink and the dancer can have it, too, if he likes.  Otherwise, he can order gin tunic after gin tunic till he gets drunk.  He pays for his drinks, anyway.  Just a joke.

Who knows my future table-mate will order ginger ale?  Ginger ale as a macho drink?  Why not?  That would certainly cause more eyebrows to raise.