Male Entertainment Bar

Women, Too, Love Strip Bars

MACHO DANCER BARS are not just for homosexual men, openly and closeted alike.  It used to be that the crowds were virtually pink.  These days, though, more and more women patronize male strip bars; which is good news for the dancers, who, by nature, are much more comfortable spending time with female customers than with gay men.

Let’s admit it.  These entertainers are straight as heck and it follows these straight animals lean toward members of the opposite sex.  Of course, we see some dancers having a good time with their gay guests, making sure they are happy and having fun, too.  It’s because they need their dough.  Entertaining rich gay customers means great rewards for the strippers.

Some female customers are moneyed and, as such, can afford to splurge on anything within their purchasing power.  Spending time in macho dancer bars provides them a different kind of experience.  I have heard about stories of some women who rewarded their favorite strippers, whom some called “boy-toys”, with cars, condominium units and expensive electronic gadgets.  I wish I were a stripper!

White Bird Macho Dancer Bar, which has tried so hard to promote itself as a top-notch strip bar, and Solution Disco, a seedy establishment, are frequented by women so that on a few occasions female guests outnumber homosexual patrons who must be feeling threatened by the presence of their female counterparts.  The increasing number of women going to a few of Metro Manila’s macho dancer bars has incensed some local tabloid columnists, narrow-minded species who style themselves as “moralists” and “public service-oriented journalists”, who have since been relentless in their tirades against these women, who they claim hire strippers for sex.  Really?  Were you there when you alleged they paid them for sex?  Everything is based on hearsay.  Even the members of the purple corps are not spared from their attacks.  Tabloids are full of trash and intended for the masses many of whom are always hungry for gossip and tabloid writers feed on their need, which means more revenues for the publishers.

I like it when I see women in strip bars and I like it more when I get to talk to married ones, because it’s then that I am tempted to ask whether it’s their husbands’ unsightly tummies that make them seek out younger and sexier men.  Ha-ha…

While the transvestite patrons always appear louder, wilder, funnier, and more flirtatious, women turn out to be an interesting lot.  Women have rights, too, and occasional visits to strip bars are absolutely okay.  They just hope the police have not scheduled a raid on their visit.  That would be an unpleasant experience not just for them, but also for the gay customers.


Strip Bar Names Are Double Entendres

OVER the weekend, I visited Metro Manila cities where there are macho dancer bars purposely to check on the latter establishments’ business names.  Methinks only a handful of people care to stop and stare at business signages bearing weird, if not unique names.  You see, business names reveal the nature of the business and make any curious mind ponder on them for a second.  What’s in a business name, anyway?

Some establishment names are double entendres and what better way to prove this than to check out the signages displayed outside the many male strip bars spread across Metro Manila.  In a hired taxi, my driver and I agreed to start with White Bird, that huge male entertainment bar on Roxas Boulevard, because of its proximity to the hotel I was billeted at in Pasay.  You see, the latter and Paranaque City, where the bar is situated, share a border.   White Bird is the lone male strip bar in Paranaque City, popular in its own right and a hit with some East Asian tourists.  The business name “White Bird” connotes something and that may mean a guy’s cock, a white cock at that – at least from a local’s perspective.  And for some, a white wang is superior.   Does this mean its dancers have white birds?

From Paranaque, we headed straight to Lourdes Street in Pasay where Machette Entertainment Bar is found.  The name “Machette” does not refer to a bolo but to a man with good looks and attractive toned body.  The choice of a business name must have been “influenced” by that short-lived fantasy television show “Machete.”  By choosing “Machette” as the name of a male strip bar, you are, in effect, telling the public your entertainers are indeed Machettes, that is, sexy and goodlooking.  Indeed, many Machette dancers are!  It’s no wonder more female patrons are drawn to the bar, outnumbering homosexual men, in a way.

In neighboring Manila City, the Philippine Capital, one can find two thriving macho dancer bars, namely Boy Next Door Bar (BND) and Ginoong Modelo Entertainment Bar.  However, onlyBoy Next Door seems to attract the attention of curious passersby.   Interestingly, BND may mean its strippers are the boy-next-door types, not unlike those dancers at Makisig Entertainment Bar on Roosevelt Street in Quezon City.  I like the way the owners thought of naming their businesses:  very attractive, tempting and kind of suggestive, if you will.  Now, won’t such business names tempt curious customers to visit the bars?

They say the most famous macho dancer bar in the Philippines is  Adonis.  Is it because it holds the distinction of being named after the Greek deity, Adonis, considered the most handsome man, that it’s at the top of the chain?  The first time I saw Adonis Macho Dancer Bar twelve years ago the first thing that came to mind was the dancers must have all been damn handsome, hunky, and gorgeous.  I assumed they were carefully selected, if only to give justice to the name “Adonis.”  Adonis boasts of a combination of eye-candies and “simply average looking dancers,” including those with no regard for personal hygiene.  Which is both sad and disappointing to point out.

If a macho dancer bar goes by the name of “Makisig”, you are inclined to think the men are “dashing”, “well-dressed”, and “muscular.”  In a way, many Makisig boys give justice to the appellation but, over-all, they are generalized as boy-next-door-type ones, which is also appropriate.  On the other hand, Hotmen Macho Dancer Bar tells you only one thing.  Their men are hot.  Or, are they?

We visited Prince Xanadu Entertainment Bar on Scout Borromeo Street, also in Quezon City, and I waved at the doorman-cum-guard, who waved back at us.  In a way, Xanadu, as it’s popularly called, can transport you to a different planet in the same way the now defunct Apollo 14KTV Disco Bar and Resto could, only Apollo offered you something else, if you know what I mean.  The “planet” I pertain to here is the fact that you, the customer, get entertained by performers like the GPX Dance Group which is noted for its superb dancing skills.

How about Formula 690?  It’s a “remake” of the now defunct Club 690 then a popular macho dancer bar on Retiro Street in Quezon City, which street is now called Norberto S. Amoranto.  I wish they called it Formula 69 and it would have been more attractive but vulgar, which vulgarity would certainly alarm the city hall folks.  Or, it would have been controversial.

Over in Pasig City, there’s a small macho dancer bar, called Big Boys Entertainment Bar.  The Ortigas Avenue Extension-based establishment, used to be called Hotstuff, is the lone male strip bar in Pasig.  I like to think the boys there are big, that is, endowed, if you will.

What do you think of such business names as Club Mankind, Dreamboys, Emotion Hunks, Mr. WorldSolution Disco, Cheetah (Cebu Province), Navigator (Cebu Province), King Cobra Entertainment Bar (Olongapo City)?  What can you associate them with?

The most controversial, provocative, and vulgar macho dancer bar business names ever were Male Dog and Male Bol’s on Sta. Cruz district’s Oroquieta Street and Rizal Avenue, respectively.  Of course, these two had long left the scene but the memories are still there.

Double entendres, indeed!

Look-Alikes of Local Movie Stars

IT’S fascinating to meet and even to talk to look-alikes of local actors and other showbiz personalities in an unlikely place called a macho dancer bar.

You try to figure out how this has happened but the thought only makes you smile.  Hey, it’s possible to have look-alikes.  You imagine what it feels to be adored for simply resembling a certain actor, but even a particular macho dancer-look-alike of a local showbiz star is not flattered!  Fact is he is ashamed of the attention he is getting.  Is that so?  You think it kind of boosts his ego but it does not.  But you know there are strippers you assume enjoy the attention they are getting for being look-alikes of some stars.

You are awestruck at seeing them from a distance, which is when they bear even more striking resemblances to certain personalities.   The idea of having them up close tempts you and, when you finally do find yourself sitting next to them, you realize they look rather different from when you see them from a far.  You discover things you wished you had not seen at all.  But then that’s the painful truth.

Seeking an audience or wishing for a dinner-date with a particular star is unthinkable so having his look-alike on a particular night is like spending time with the real one.  At least, it’s almost a reality.

Every now and then, names like Jolo, Jordan, Alfred, Stanley, King, Cesar, and Justine still ring a bell.  These strippers did look a lot like some particular local actors.  Jolo was diminutive just like Jolo Revilla and was almost a lot like him.  Jordan, in some ways, looked like Jordan Herrera and was famous for his winning smile.  Alfred was always mistaken for actor-turned-politician Alfred Vargas.  Boyish-faced Stanley bore a striking resemblance to actor Niño Mulach and was adored by a few financially privileged customers despite his pimple problem.  Floor managers in his work place all agreed Cesar closely resembled Coco Martin.  Justine could pass for Wendell Ramos.  What about King?  Well, King was often mistaken for a particular East Asian pop star and he kind of enjoyed that recognition.  There was even this tall, thirty something stripper with Caucasoid features and his colleagues always referred to him as “Tom Cruise”, because, according to them, he looked like that famous Hollywood actor.  And there was this floor manager who was almost an exact replica of show business personality Boy Abunda.  It’s worth reminiscing about those times you were once with them.  Perhaps, on your next visit to a macho dancer bar, you might bump into a look-alike of Christian Bautista.

He Is One of A Kind

INDEED, he is different in numerous ways.

He likes to be comfortably seated in an area that’s neither too near the stage so he appears conspicuous nor too far for him to miss a good view of the stage activities.  Because he loves good entertainment, which is the reason for his presence in the bar, he always pays close attention to the shows management puts on.  Good entertainment comes first.  Tabling a dancer comes second.

This customer is biased against serious-looking entertainers but enjoys the company of dancers gifted with winning smiles.  Quite simply, he does not table strippers who do not grin no matter how gorgeous and attractive they are.  All-cast shows afford him the opportunity to spot guys worth “tabling”, if you will, as do the boys’ unguarded moments when he discovers their personalities.

He also knows which strippers don’t like to spend time with him and who, instead, wait for their regular guests who, they believe, give bigger tip money.

This patron doesn’t harass his table-mates and he tells them this in advance through a floor manager.  He doesn’t like to be petted either.  He just doesn’t like the idea of seeing an entertainer placing his arm around his guest’s shoulders or resting his arm on his lap.  He keeps a distance.  When sitting at a coffee table-type table, he and his stripper-mate are seen sitting opposite each other, an arrangement which does not work for most macho dancer bar customers who enjoy being locked in an intimate embrace with their table-mates.

He opts for fruit juices instead of alcoholic beverages, which choice causes eyebrows to raise.  On rare occasions, he asks for a chocolate drink which he alternates with instant coffee.

He doesn’t smoke but is comfortable with a smoking stripper.

This guest is generous with food orders for his tabled macho dancers, even granting the occasional food requests of waiters themselves.  You may not be aware of it, but there are waiters who sometimes ask for free food to be shared amongst themselves, especially at times when they have not supped yet and are starving.

Everyone loves him, preferring him to other customers for many different reasons and, by “everyone”, we mean the macho dancers.

If the latter are most comfortable with him, there are bar folks who hate him.  But “hate” is too strong a word.  Perhaps, “dislike” seems more appropriate.  These critics are the floor managers.  But it’s wrong to generalize them as his “haters”.  Their only issue with him is his refusal to leave tip money for the floor manager who handles the strippers he tables.   He has valid reasons, he claims, for not tipping a manager, who, in the first place, is not his dancer-table-mate.

He gives tip money when and where needed.  And he is damn generous or he can elect to be frugal in the wink of an eye.

He is popular with the macho dancers of his favorite strip bars yet he always maintains a low profile.  His presence in other establishments of similar nature, which places he seldom visits, intrigues the staff who starts becoming curious about him.

If and when he senses boredom has set in, he requests a skilled dancer to perform and both boredom and sleepiness begin to vanish.  For the dance show, he pays the performer and he pays him well – with no strings attached.

This guy can exit the scene unnoticed even by the manager assigned to handle his needs or his table-mate.

He shows up in a strip bar because he wants to have a good time, to watch, to be entertained, to meet people, to make friends with the strippers and waiters, and to observe.

One bar owner is awed by this customer’s idiosyncrasies while one bar manager calls him “the best customer” she has ever met.

He is one of a kind.

He Is In For A Different Thing

AT six feet, he is a towering figure inside this otherwise small strip bar somewhere in Quezon City.  Tall customers are a rarity in Metro Manila’s macho dancer bars and this one is no exception.  He is an expatriate connected with a Makati-based company and a “regular” client, says one female manager, by virtue of his “weekly” or “monthly” visits.  Oops, so you think daily appearances don’t make one a regular guest?

And whether this blue-eyed, fair-haired stocky guy in his late forties or early fifties is a Yankee, a Brit, an Aussie, a Dane, or a Pole, it does not matter.  Virtually all Philippine islanders consider all white Europeans as Americans, as if the pale-skinned Americans are the only white Caucasians in the world.   But that’s another story.

He prefers an area far from the stage, one that’s obscured by a partition, a stairwell, or a column, because he is in for a different thing, as is his wont.  He settles for the company of boy-next-door type of dancers, whose almost identical heights barely reach up to his shoulders.  Tonight, he gets two young-looking strippers, who can pass for sixteen year-olds, to join him at his table.  He does not look intimidating to them.  Fact is he comes off as a friendly individual, no different from most local guests.  He buys them drinks of their choice, which is always light beer (and you know the brand), and some finger foods.  He gets to know them using simple English words so they can understand him.  He knows there is a language barrier but they get to understand one another somehow.  Another round of drinks follows.

The boys try to engage their guest in a simple talk, employing gestures to drive home their point.  He says “yes”, “no”, and “I see”, unless he needs to explain his point.  He nods in reply to their questions.

After a while, the customer unzips, lets out his semi-erect dick and strokes it in full view of his dancer-mates, the waiter assigned in his area and several guests sitting nearby.  He increases the intensity of his strokes till his huge cock reaches full erection.  The young men grin and appear kind of shy as they find themselves in an awkward situation.  But then they realize this is “kind of normal in here” and regain their composures.  The big guy motions for them to do the same thing.  They are kind of hesitant.  His left hand reaches for the crotch of one of the strippers, fondling his cock.  The boys decide to unzip, too, and show him what they have got.  They, too, start masturbating.  He strokes their balls while he stimulates his own penis.  He winks at them and they respond with their innocent boyish smiles.

Guests at nearby tables turn away, murmur a thing or two, or break into a loud laugh.  “Grabe!” (unbelievable!), quips one effeminate indio (Spanish colonial term for the islanders), as if to say he abhors the sight of a masturbating macho dancer or homo customer.  While they comment negatively on the scene, one floor manager, who is used to witnessing it, simply shrugs it off as “pretty normal.”

After what seems like twenty minutes, they ejaculate, almost simultaneously, squirting their rich, thick loads onto the table, save one dancer whose cum shoots on the wall.

“Did you enjoy it,” he asks them.

“Yeah,” one responds, half-grinning, while the other nods his head.  Actually, they are feigning it.

The strippers excuse themselves as they need to wash up.  He says “okay.”

On the way to the employee restroom, they can be heard laughing and cursing, which cursing is part of many islanders’ every day conversations.  One muscled dancer teases them.  “Enjoy ba?” (Did you guys enjoy it”?).

On their return, their white Caucasian guest hands them what look like several one hundred pesos bills.  “Naku, akala ko naman tig-iisang libong piso!”  (Oh, my!  I thought these were one thousand peso bills!).

The Shoe Store Guard Is Now Sexy

HE now dons tight-fitting shirts, presumably to make the muscle bulges visible through the fabric, or for the sake of convenience.  Suffice it to say he has joined the fitness training bandwagon as evidenced by his toned biceps, sculpted chests, and broader shoulders.  An apartment-mate wishes the subject of this brief article accidentally drops his trousers so he can see his lower extremities, but that is asking for something that will never transpire.  He must have a fetish for those parts.

Although rather late, tiny and spacious so-called fitness training centers have sprouted in his neighborhood and competition seems stiff.  Each to his own as far as drawing potential clients is concerned.  He happens to train in the largest training center equipped with disappointingly mediocre equipment pieces, which don’t seem to matter to the users.  Surprisingly, he is the only good-looking man amongst the male gym goers, whose shadows the unforgiving Filipino transvestites (the bakla) don’t even want to notice, lest they blurt out that detestable, flesh-piercing word “hipon” (Tagalog term for shrimp) and label them as such.  (Figure out why they employ such term when they speak of non-handsome gym-toned men.)

Anyway, we are talking about the shoe store guard whose recent transformation from a simple, lean and athletic guy into a now sexy, gym-fit individual has “intrigued” passersby and his admirers, women and gay men alike.  A cute face coupled with a flawless skin and toned body never fails to attract anyone.  A head turner seems an appropriate word to describe him.  At least this specimen is beautiful and sexy in his own right.

Now macho dancer bar scouts, if there are any at all, have a better reason to tempt this even more attractive private security guard, who is earning a measly pay, to give macho dancing a shot.

Are Macho Dancer Bars Still Worth A Visit These Days?

MACHO Dancer Bars.  Male Entertainment Bars.  But rarely do locals actually call them strip clubs, preferring to refer to them as gay bars, instead.  For some, these establishments are considered fronts for prostitution, purveyors of immorality (what is immorality and who defines it?), exploiters of young men, and promoters of graft.  You call them what you want.

But for thousands of people, especially discreet gay and bisexual men, macho dancer bars are kind of “ideal places” to be true to themselves and watch a different kind of entertainment.  Which entertainment is “prohibited” by law but is actually “allowed” and tolerated because such male strip bars are in existence.

Are macho dancer bars still worth a visit these days?

Strip bars are expensive places.  But you won’t mind blowing off your money if you are getting what you are paying for.  You see the words “male entertainment” on the establishment’s signage and you expect to be entertained by way of some awesome shows.  You are a different breed and your idea of male entertainment is dance performances by talented male entertainers.  We are not talking about strippers who stand on stage like stiff objects, about dancers who feign they can dance, about performers who take off their clothes halfway through their shows, teasing the audience with their cocks, and drag queens who stage shows which are repetitive of what they had introduced previously.

You are shocked to learn you are one of a kind because you are completely different from your fellow customers in that you don’t visit a macho dancer bar simply to canoodle with a stripper, see a dick and suck it, watch what the folks in the macho dancer bar universe call an ATW, or all-the-way, show in which the stripper bares his tool in exchange for some cash, or find a boyfriend or a sex-mate.  Yes, you are one of a kind and that is why the bar people hold you in high esteem because you are no opportunist, and because you respect the entertainers and consider them as your equals.

But then you know you sense something is missing.  You come to a point where you feel you have lost that interest in strip clubs.  It kind of happens rather naturally.  You woke up one day realizing such bars were becoming boring places to be in.  Or, perhaps such places have failed to live up to your expectations, which is why you are having this kind of thought. You see, different customers have different expectations when visiting macho dancer bars.  As one Makisig stripper once said, there are many different reasons why men and some women troop to male strip bars.  One of these reasons, which is seldom shared by majority of customers or bar guests, is to watch male performers with superb dancing skills, which many strippers lack.  And which they decline to admit they don’t possess.

Are macho dancer bars still worth a visit these days?

Strippers who went by such names as AJ (or Alejandro), King, Alfred and Akihiro were the types you would want to watch perform on stage.  Their dancing moves were far too different from those exhibited by most of their kind, which moves could cause your sleepiness to disappear the instant you would hear the in-house disk jockey mention the stripper’s name and see him go on stage to perform to everyone’s delight.  There’s sexiness in their individual performances but not too much of it.  You, as an audience, could feel that they put passion into what they were doing as evidenced by their impressive shows.  They were serious about it but they never forgot to smile when and where needed.  Oh yes, they performed with life and they enjoyed every part of their shows.  That, you think, is something lacking these days and that boring shows are among the reasons you think macho dancer bars are losing their appeal to some folks with different needs.

And then there are the usual problems long haunting you: some bar employees.  Well-nigh all floor managers are devoid of etiquette because they don’t give the bar guest and his dancer-mate privacy, which they deserve.  Then, there are managers who beg for a portion of the customer’s food orders because they think it’s perfectly alright to freeload.  A classic example of this kleptoparasite is one of those Solutions Bar managers who has no qualms about asking a guest for some free food.  Most waiters are not customer-oriented and are down-right opportunistic, literally telling a customer to get another drink for his table-mate after ten minutes has lapsed.  Rarely do you bump into a waiter who really knows his job and simply let you, the customer, decide for yourself, instead of being told what to do as far as getting drinks for your dancer-mate or for yourself.  And when it comes to tip money, you know when to give him some monetary reward for his attentive service and you don’t like to be nagged about it.  Adding to your disappointment are those floor managers who expect to get some tip money even if they don’t deserve it.  But then you know there are so-called tipping norms in the macho dancer bar industry and customers are “expected” to conform to such norms.

In a way, macho dancer bars are a disappointment when they can’t deliver on their promise.  But then you cannot blame them for their sloppy service.  You can hold off on visiting these establishments and, after some time, you feel you kind of miss such places and want to drop by your favorite strip bar hoping to catch someone whose dancing skill might interest you and make you stay till the wee hours.