Male Strip Bar Songs

Songs You Can Request

WHAT is interesting about a few Quezon City-based male entertainment bars is that you can request talented macho dancers to dance to your favorite song or songs – for a fee (or shall we say a gratuity?), that is.  This option is perfect for those who want to break boredom and experience a different kind of dancing and an equally different kind of song being played.  You can course your request through the floor manager overseeing your table or area and he, in turn, will tell the disk jockey of your dance request and the dancer you want to dance for you, and inform the dancer of your request.  By making a dance request, you, the customer, fully understand that you need to pay the performer.  500 pesos to 1,000 pesos is the minimum amount you can give him.  Even if you have not tabled them and have no intention of tabling them and as long as they are free and untabled and the requested song or songs are available, you can request them to dance.  They can perform even if it is not their turn to dance yet and so long as those next in line are informed prior to their shows.

Among the popular songs you can request them to dance to are:

Good Time (Owl City)

Starships (Nicki Minaj)

Nothing On You (Jason Park Version)

I Know You Want Me (Pitbull)

Here Without You (3 Doors Down)

Who Am I (Casting Crowns)

Like A Rose (A1)

Alejandro (Lady Gaga)

Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

Insomnia (Craig David)

OMG (Usher)

Ikaw Na Nga (Willie Revillame)